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  1. The Stark Tower [OT thread] #8: Because, like SHIELD, FF isn't currently tracking our whereabouts.
  2. The Avengers Merchandise #2: Because we want it all we want it now!
  3. {CEOs} Pepper Potts ღ Tony Stark #3: We want little Pepperonys running around Stark Tower!
  4. The Avengers Fanart {Gifs/Icons/Wallpapers} Thread #3: Saving the world one picture at a time!
  5. S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters [Introduction|Board Guide] #2: Welcome to the Avengers Initiative.
  6. Asgard Brothers (Thor&Loki) #5: "You're my brother and my friend."
  7. The Avengers Hangman #5: The Wheel of Misfortune
  8. The Avengers This Or That #2: Domestic Avengers or Avengers AU?
  9. Captain America [SR ◎ CE] #6: Because we all want free licks from this Chris Evans
  10. God of Swag #7: He's climbin' in your windows, snatching your people up. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband.
  11. The Person Above Me #4: TPAM is ruined by this cast!!
  12. The Avengers Last Letter ABCs #4: Iron Man - Natasha - Agents
  13. Thudalicious [Thor ϟ ChrisH] #5: Because he makes mother's drapes look oh so fabulous!
  14. Slash/Unconventional Couples #2: Because Everyone/Everyone is the best way to ship.
  15. Hawkeye [CB ↗ JR] #5:"I feel like we won the lottery when we were able to cast Jeremy Renner in the role." - Kevin Feige
  16. The Assvengers [Group/Cast] #3: Because Coulson's death was the push they needed.
  17. The Avengers ABC’s #5: Mighty - New York - Odin
  18. BlackHawk {Clint♥Natasha} #4: "His bond with Natasha is special, & it is one of my favorite things in the movie." - Joss
  19. Other Characters in the Marvel Film-verse #3: Because we want Peter to join in the fun with his aunt and uncles.
  20. Post Count #4: Even network problems can't keep us from reaching our goals!
  21. The Stark Tower [OT thread] #7: Pool party with the Avengers on the upper deck at midnight!!
  22. God of Mischief [Loki | Tom] #6: Enough! We are, all of us are beneath him! He is a GOD, you dull creature!
  23. 25,000 Posts Celebration Thread: 25K already? Well, how about that!
  24. The Avengers (2012) RE-WATCH PLANNED FOR 28/10. Drop by and tell us if you can join in.
  25. Agent [Maria Hill | Cobie Smulders] #2: Because we'd go to the mall with Maria!
  26. The Avengers Hangman #4: Hanging by a moment here with quotes
  27. Brodinsons (T&L) #4: "[Loki]'s got to apologize, doesn't he? Baked goods. That would be a bribe we could start with." CH
  28. Please welcome misst89, dream once more & sprezzatura as your new moderators!
  29. Pepper Potts | Gwyneth Paltrow #2: "You are the most loyal and trustworthy person I know." - Tony
  30. Captain America [SR ◎ CE] #5: "I don't like bullies; I don't care where they're from."
  31. Science Bros [Tony & Bruce friendship] #3: "Shall we play, Doctor?"
  32. God of Thunder ღ Woman of Science [Thor♥Jane] #3: "And I think Jane is definitely part of what grounds him on Earth."-NP
  33. Supernanny [Phil Coulson | Clark Gregg] #2: Because Coulson is having an affair with Joss Whedon
  34. Steve&Thor #3: "He[Hemsworth] puts the cape on and the wig and its like, ‘Jeez!’ The guy’s the god of Thunder!" - Evans
  35. Iron Man [Tony | RDJ] #3: "I wouldn't be alive unless it was for a reason."
  36. 25K Preparation Thread
  37. The Hulk [Bruce | Mark/Ed] #3: "Graceful and awkward, meek and confident, erudite and working class, funny and sad"-Joss
  38. The Avengers Last Letter ABCs #3: Thor - Red Skull - Loki
  39. Thudalicious [Thor ϟ ChrisH] #4: "[Chris Hemsworth] is a big boy, and it’s all real. There’s no CGI." - Tom Hiddleston
  40. The Avengers Anti-ABC's #3: Gross - Horrible - Irritating
  41. God of Mischief [Loki | Tom] #5: Join the mischievous side, we have Loki. Ehehehehe!
  42. The Stark Tower [OT thread] #6: We are having so much fun here although the tower is still under renovation!
  43. Black Widow [Natasha | Scarlett] #3: Because her hair is flawless. Just like her.
  44. The Avengers ABC’s #4: Jotunheim, Kindness, Loki
  45. The Person Above Me #3: TPAM is uncontrollably excited about Phase 2!
  46. The Avengers Fanart {Gifs/Icons/Wallpapers} Thread #2: Where reel life becomes an art form!!
  47. Hawkeye [CB ↗ JR] #4: "After two decades, a summer of blockbusters is about to make Jeremy Renner a household name."
  48. {Steve ♥ Peggy} #2: Because they are each other's right partner.
  49. Thor: The Dark World (2013) [S&S] #2: Nope, the Dark World doesn't mean that Odin hasn't paid the electricity fee.
  50. The Avengers Hangman #3: Can you guess this quote correctly?