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  9. [Scales | Dominic Raoul] Vinnie Jones #1: He's gonna play billiards with your head.
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  14. The Carnival of Crime Appreciation #1: "Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a hold up!"
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  17. Rollo & Vince #1: Bring it, Bitch Boy!
  18. Rollo/Martin Klebba #1: Say hello to Dorothy, bitch!
  19. The Cape 300 Word Story #1: Suiting up and fighting back in 300 words!
  20. Vince & Max Appreciation #1: Because Max not only taught him everything he knows, he saved Vince's life too.
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  31. Max Malini (Keith David) Appreciation #1: Because he is the master of illusion!
  32. Vince & Orwell Appreciation #1: Because they make one badass team!
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