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  6. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  7. Misfits ABC #4: Misfits, Nathan, Outstanding....
  8. TPAM #5: Likes the new Matthew/Joe picture.
  9. Alisha Bailey/Antonia Thomas #4: We will miss Alisha as an ASBO 5 but we can't wait to see more of Antonia!
  10. Seth/Kelly #2: What if we were good together?
  11. Futuristic Lovers [S♥A | Iwantonia] #16: Like Simon & Alisha, we're also stuck in an eternal time loop of sadness!
  12. The Community Center [OT] #21 ~ As the end of TV season approaches we could really use a posting boost.
  13. Misfits Word Association #2
  14. The Chav & The Twat [Nathan/Kelly] #8: The way you scraped your hair back so that sometimes you looked a bit oriental.
  15. What shoe is Nathan wearing?!
  16. ATTENTION: Misfits Rewatch Season 1-Season 3
  17. News thread #3 - Can't believe we're already at Series 4! Who's in, who's out and all the latest Misfits drama!
  18. Rudy Wade/Joseph Gilgun #2: I'm more of an "E.T." man, mate. I ****ing love that little cun-*silenced*.
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  22. Captain Invincible [Robert/Nathan]#6: "I've seen the first episode of the new series - I'm loving it."
  23. The Community Center [OT]#20:Winter hiatus is just around the corner and we need our daily dose of occupational therapy.
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  28. Futuristic Lovers [S♥A | Iwantonia] #15: Because in any time period, they always seem to find their way to each other!
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  30. Seth/Kelly #1: "Thanks for the lift." "Anytime."
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  33. Fan Art Holiday Competition 2011
  34. Panty Sniffer |S/I|#6: Because he's the meister of *you know what*
  35. Lost Lovers [Alisha & Rudy] #1: "It's you"
  36. Misfits 3x01 Episode Discussion Thread (airing October 30th)
  37. Misfits Twitter Account
  38. Power dealer [Seth/Matthew McNulty] #1: How much do you want for your power?
  39. The Community Center [OT] #19: Because now that our beloved Fall TV Shows are finally back, we can't stop talking.
  40. Misfits ABCs #3: Hot, Iwan, Jokes....
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  44. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  45. Head Chav In Charge {Kelly|Lauren} #4: ★ BAFTA winning ★ fer fooks sayke
  46. The Community Center [OT] #18: [Insert title here.]
  47. Misfits Word Association #1
  48. Misfits Re-Watch Parties: Please READ & REPLY
  49. Prick ♣ Weird Kid {Nathan&Simon/Robert&Iwan} #5: "You know someone's a true mate once you've bathed with them."
  50. The Community Center [OT] #17: Summer just started, what shows should we catch up with?