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  2. Important Read: NOF Board
  3. NOF ABC's #5
  4. Batman & Robin [Jim/George] #3: Because they are the greatest comedian - crime fighting duo.
  5. NOF Word Association #6
  6. The Watcher ("Joshua" | Josh Stewart) #3: Because the stories with mysterious doesn't ever end, just get more intense.
  7. Please welcome BrathanSupporter as your new moderator!
  8. NOF Quotes Thread #2: "This is unbelievable. My whole family gets dipped in some super water and all I get is wet."
  9. JimღStephanie #3: Because getting super powers only spiced up their 'No Ordinary Marriage'
  10. Super Girls [Stephanie/Katie] #3:I just wish I had a friend who understood me. A peer.I want that friend to be Stephanie
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  12. George St. Cloud | Romany Malco #3: Because "All we have learned so far is that we have a lot to learn."
  13. JJ Powell | Jimmy Bennett #3: His so called “learning disability” changed once when he got re-warded with a super-brain.
  14. Off Topic #3: With sports league playoffs being here, we won't ever run out of a continually OT discussion.
  15. The Powell Family #3: Because they are more superior as a team.
  16. Watcher|Scientist [Joshua♥Katie]#4: Because they finally have their Wolvie-baby!
  17. Super Siblings [JJ/Daphne] #3: Because "He's my brother and he needs me!"
  18. Post Count #3:Because we had the biggest leap in Fan Forum history.
  19. Bickering Sidekicks [George & Katie] #1: Because he wanted her to know that she wasn't alone.
  20. Villains Discussion|Appreciation #2: Because now the villains are more manipulative and stronger than ever!
  21. Katie | Autumn Reeser #4: A pregnancy that gives her the ability to telekinesis anyone who stands in her way.
  22. 1x20 "No Ordinary Beginning" Episode Discussion
  23. NOF Word Association #5
  24. Daphne Powell | Kay Panabaker #3: Because Daphne finally used her mind manipulation to be a hero!
  25. Stephanie Powell | Julie Benz #3: She went from misunderstood luring predatory vampire to super-speeding time traveller.
  26. NOF This or That #2: Time travelling or Speeding?
  27. 1x19 "No Ordinary Future" Episode Discussion
  28. 1x18 ""No Ordinary Animal"" Episode Discussion
  29. NOF ABC's #4
  30. The Watcher ("Joshua" | Josh Stewart) #2: Why this guy isn't a series regular yet is a mysterious to us as well.
  31. Why only reruns? Is the show canned?
  32. Batman & Robin [Jim/George] #2: Because Jim didn't mind George hitting him with a car - 'it was a rental'
  33. Watcher|Scientist [Joshua♥Katie]#3: Because "Katie, this guy is your Wolverine!"
  34. JimღStephanie #2: Because they have been in this together for eighteen years.
  35. Super Girls [Stephanie/Katie] #2: Because Stephanie is Katie's own real life superhero.
  36. 1x17 "No Ordinary Love" Episode Discussion
  37. NOF Quotes Thread: Always delivering a “Holly frack...” quote. “You dance like you're trying to escape villagers.” see?
  38. No Ordinary Family 10k celebration!!!
  39. George St. Cloud | Romany Malco #2: "Romany Malco never fails to disappoint in the comedy department."
  40. JJ Powell | Jimmy Bennett #2:Because he'll always find out the solution in the end.
  41. Michael Chiklis | Jim Powell #2:Because he doesn't have to run away from bullets!
  42. Super Siblings [JJ/Daphne] #2: “Together, we're some sort of unstoppable poker machine.”
  43. 1x16 "No Ordinary proposal" Episode Discussion
  44. NOF News Thread#2
  45. The Powell Family #2: A super-strengthen, a speeder, a genius and a mind reader - controller is pretty unstoppable.
  46. 1x15 "No Ordinary Powell" Episode Discussion
  47. NOF Word Association #4
  48. Katie | Autumn Reeser#3: Because her social awkwardness and intelligence is something easy to fall for.
  49. 1x14 "No Ordinary Double Standard" Episode Discussion
  50. Villains Discussion|Appreciation #1: Because you need the evil guys in order for the Heroes to exist.