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  11. Lady Gaga ABC's #14: Charming, Defiant, Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
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  17. Besides Lady Gaga, who are you listening to? #8
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  22. Lady Gaga ABC's #13:Zealous,A singer,Bad romance
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  28. What Lady Gaga song are you listening to? #9
  29. Lady Gaga ABC's #12:Winner,Xtra special,Young
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  32. You and I - Lady Gaga Cover by Elei Ferrucci
  33. Lady Gaga Anti ABCs #11: Cruel, Dreadful, Evil, Foolish
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  41. The Monster Ball [OT] #9: b/c we only speak Gaga 99% of the time..
  42. Please welcome - bad romance - as your new moderator!
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  44. lady gaga toy
  45. Lady Gaga Anti ABC's #10:Quite annoying,Robot,Stupid
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  50. Video#4: "We got free rain, roll the cameras, turn the lights back on, if it breaks I'll pay for it, shoot that ****."