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  1. "Does my being half-naked bother you?" - Taylor Lautner board says goodbye. {2.5.2010~5.10.2014}
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  3. Breaking Dawn Movie Thread #8:"He goes through an emotional rollercoaster in this movie & it is a completely diff. Jacob than you've ever seen before.
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  18. Taylor Appreciation #14: "I love all sports, you get me and a few friends together and I will play any sport for hours."
  19. Taylor Last Letter Game #22: Drink ~ Kind ~ Date ~ Eligible
  20. Taylor Fashion Appreciation #13: "I'm relaxed and I like to be myself. I can't do that if I'm not comfortable. I like to have a good time."
  21. The Trio Appreciation #6: “They both are incredible people and I have so much fun when I’m with them.” -Taylor Lautner
  22. Bromance (Rob&Taylor) #12: "Rob is probably more fun-loving in private and Taylor is a lot deeper than I think comes across in public.” -Kristen
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  33. Taylor Body Appreciation Thread #17: There is not a single part in his body that hasn't been discussed in here. True fact.
  34. Besides Taylor, who else brings out the fangirl in you? #7
  35. BlackSwan {Jacob♥Bella} #25: “Of course, you’d warm up faster if you took your clothes off.”
  36. The Wolf Pack Thread #9: “Nudity was an inconvenient but unavoidable part of pack life. When Leah came along, then it got awkward."
  37. Jake Appreciation Thread #18: "What I am was born in me. Its a part of who I am, who my family is."
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  40. Nathan Harper (Abduction) #8: "Is he sliding down a skyscraper out of a broken window?" Yes, yes he is.
  41. Taylor Appreciation #13: B/C "I am just a simple guy. I like to relax at home and have quiet days." - Taylor Lautner
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  44. Taylor Fashion Appreciation #12: B/C "Comfort is huge for me. I like simple. I'm a jeans and T-shirt guy."
  45. The Trio Appreciation #5: “Nothing can replace our friendships. We all have become so close.” — Taylor Lautner
  46. Bromance (Rob&Taylor) #11: B/C "Rob makes everyone laugh. He’s a great guy." -Taylor
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