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  6. Morena/Anna #6: After 'Firefly' and 'V', we hope for Morena that 'Homeland' won't be cancelled.
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  8. Important - Please read and respond!
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  15. Erica/Jack #39: "We all messed up" "No, not you"
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  17. V: The Series Word Association #10
  18. V: The Series Anti-ABC's Thread #9
  19. Erica/Jack #38 "He’s no longer a priest,which you have to admit was a pretty major stumbling block towards romance" -Liz
  20. Elizabeth/Erica #7: "To see Elizabeth Mitchell in an action scene is a real thing of beauty." - Marc Singer
  21. Erica/Jack #37: "I enjoy the Father Jack character because he makes my character feel so safe." -Elizabeth
  22. Logan Huffman/Tyler Evans #4: Because we will NEVER forget Ty.
  23. Erica/Jack #36: Because he always had faith in her even if she messed up
  24. Erica/Jack #35: "You are the only one, who held strong to what you believe in"
  25. Erica/Jack #34: "To have him not be her touchstone, is hard" -Elizabeth
  26. Erica/Jack #33: Behind a great FBI agent there's always a great priest jooking at her.
  27. Morris Chestnut/Ryan Nichols #4: Because Ryan shouldn't have taken the plunge like that! Bring him back!
  28. Missed Vs
  29. Erica/Jack #32: "But trust is a big thing. Trust is very intimate. And who knows where it goes?" Joel Gretsch
  30. Erica/Jack #31: "I love Jack and Erica, because I feel like she's such a good person with him." -Elizabeth
  31. V Fan Creations Thread #2: Bring On All the 'V' Goodies!
  32. Erica/Jack #30: "They are drawn to each other from the beginning" -Elizabeth
  33. Erica/Jack #29: "She wants to do Father Jack" -Craveonline
  34. The Mothership {Off-topic} #7: Give us Something Juicy to Talk About!
  35. Team Resistance #2: Because we'll miss seeing them work together.
  36. Erica/Jack #28: "We had far more romantic touching...uh...tension scenes. And they were all cut." -Elizabeth
  37. Erica/Jack #27: Because hopefully he will "keep her soul intact" - Elizabeth Mitchell
  38. Marc Singer/Lars Tremont #1: "Project Aries is humanity's last best hope for a future."
  39. Erica/Jack #26: "That push and pull between them makes it feel more like a real relationship to me." -Elizabeth Mitchell
  40. Post Count Thread #3: Because 50k, here we come!
  41. Erica/Jack #25: "Because, of course, season two had to end with them touching"
  42. Joshua/Mark Hildreth #4: On our wish list for season 3? For Joshua to become a series regular.
  43. Erica/Jack #24: "I do think there’s a whole story with Father Jack that we haven’t explored yet." -Elizabeth Mitchell
  44. Erica/Jack #23: "You are the only one... *white noise* "
  45. Erica/Jack #22: Because he is the only one she has left now
  46. Erica/Jack #21: "Hey Amy, Imma let you finish but Erica can bliss Jack without yo' help"
  47. Erica/Kyle #5: "You've got me, Erica. Come what bloody may."
  48. Erica/Jack #20:"She continues to alienate and hurt him as well as push him away, but then they come back together"-Liz
  49. Is there a way to view the season finale or is pirating it the only solution?
  50. Erica/Jack #19: "Because in the end they were together and they will get through it"