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  2. This board maybe closing
  3. Kris ABCs #10
  4. Kris' Guitar Appreciation #3: Because he's the king at the acoustic guitar.
  5. Kris word association #8
  6. Zorro Pup Appreciation #2: Cause Zorro is getting a new brother or sister to hang out with
  7. Kris Media Thread #6: Because he's going to tour in 2013
  8. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  9. 2012 Fan Art Competition Voting: Kris Allen
  10. Kris Anti-ABCs #9
  11. Kris Smile Appreciation #1:Because when he smiles we smile too
  12. Kris' Last Letter Game #6:Elite - Entertainer - Running
  13. What song besides Kris are you listening to? #7
  14. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2012
  15. The Bench (Kris OT) #13:Out with the Spring and Summer in with the Fall and Winter
  16. Kris TPAM #7:Loves Kris pics
  17. Kris 300 Word Story #6: We're writing a short story about Kris!
  18. Tweeters King (Kris' Twitter) #7:"Don't care that National Donut Day was yesterday. I needed to have a donut."
  19. Kris ABCs #9
  20. What Kris Song are you listening to? #5
  21. Kris 3 word posts #4: Kris is love
  22. Kris Pictures #7:Because we're convinced that this guy can never have a bad angle when it comes to his pictures
  23. Kris word association #7
  24. Kris Fashion #5:We love him in plaid with sunglasses
  25. Kris/David Appreciation #4:Because we still love our two favorite winners of AI
  26. KrisღKaty #6:They're like a little couple that you want to just put in your pocket and take everywhere
  27. What song do you think Kris should cover #2: He's the king of the cover songs
  28. Kris Anti-ABCs #8
  29. Kris/Cale #5:We love that they write songs together
  30. Kris Last Letter Game #5: SincerE ~ EntertaininG ~ Gracious
  31. TPBM #5:Loves Kris
  32. Kris' Body Appreciation #3:Because he looks better now than when he was on Idol
  33. Kris ABC's #8
  34. Kris' Face Appreciation #4:Because he can make out with the microphone and look sexy doing it
  35. Kris/Adam #4:Because they both have albums out in the same month only a week apart
  36. Kris/Adam Appreciation #5: Because both have albums out in the same month and year!
  37. Kris' Guitar Appreciation #2:Because his guitar is attached to his hip forever
  38. Celebrating 50,000 Posts at fanforum
  39. Kris' Tongue Appreciation #1:Cause he's so cute when he sticks out his tongue
  40. Kris' Musical Instruments Appreciation #1:Because he can play more than one
  41. Kris' 3 Word-posts #2: An amazing performer
  42. Kris' Art Thread #1:Because we love seeing old and new art
  43. Kris 300 Word Story #5: We're always creating stories here!
  44. Kris Allen's first album appreciation #5:Because we still love this album
  45. What Kris Song are you listening to? #4
  46. Moderator Opening Announcement
  47. "We don't ever have to say goodbye, well it's alright, it's alright."
  48. Besides Kris, who else do you listen to? #6
  49. Kris News & Media Appreciation #5: Kris is BACK-New Album Out May 22
  50. Kris Hangman #5: V_si_n o_ l_ve.