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  1. Survivors [Juliet/James] #2: "All of a sudden, there we were and we just caught each other." ~ Liz
  2. Elizabeth's ABC: The Alphabet of Liz.
  3. Moderator Opening Announcement - Elizabeth Mitchell
  4. Liz Hot Seat Thread #1: Cos let's get to know one other! (~ayumi~ is in the hot seat)
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  6. Liz Mitchell Icons Thread #1 ~ Because we can put all that beauty in 100x100 boxes!
  7. Juliet & Rachel #1: Because we desperately want to see the 2 sisters get reunited
  8. Elizabeth Mitchell 300 Word Story #1 ~ One day Liz woke up and...
  9. Elizabeth Italian Thread #1 ~ Because we do know that perfection has a name: Elizabeth Mitchell.
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  11. Doctors (Juliet/Jack) #1: They trust each other completely
  12. Erica Evans Spoilers & Speculations Thread #1: We can't wait to see her on V!
  13. Board Post Count#1: We're planning on reaching the 10,000 posts in no time
  14. Juliet & Ben #1: Because they are the most complex male/female relationship Lost has ever seen
  15. Juliet Burke Spoilers & Speculations Thread #1: Because she'll be back!
  16. Elizabeth Hair appreciation thread#1:B/C she got the most GORGEOUS golden locks ever!
  17. Elizabeth Fashion & Clothes thread#1: B/C she got a dazzling style.
  18. Elizabeth this or that game#1: b/c when it comes to Lizzie, it's so hard to choose.
  19. Lizzie/Lilly friendship thread#1: They huddled in a tent between takes, and drank hot tea.
  20. Bring out the cake and break open the bubblies: Happy Belated Birthday MovieManiac and haleylove!
  21. Juliet/Kate#1: Because Kate was trying to save Juliet.
  22. Elizabeth Mitchell Picture thread #1 "Because who want to see more pics about her?"
  23. Doctor and Patient (Juliet/Sun) #1: She risked it all to get Sun safe off the island
  24. Elizabeth's Anti-ABC's #4: Liz is not Dumb, Evil, Forgettable at all
  25. Survivors [Juliet/James] #1: "The best romance Lost has ever given us." ~ Jeff Jensen
  26. Erica Evans #1: Because we can't wait to see Liz in a new tv show!
  27. Elizabeth's Eyes #1: They always have our undivided attention.
  28. The Person Above Me #1
  29. Elizabeth's ABC: Juliet - Kim - Linda
  30. The Person Below Me #1: TPBM loves this board?
  31. Elizabeth`s legs #1: Because they can make the strongest person weak!
  32. Off Topic Thread #1: Everyone is invited to the party!
  33. News Thread #1 - Heard the latest? Share! :D
  34. Linda/'Gia' appreciation thread #1 - because Liz and Angelina Jolie? THUD!
  35. Elizabeth Word Association #1
  36. Elizabeth Mitchell Appreciation Thread #1: Because she finally has her own board!
  37. Juliet Burke #1 - Because she was the best thing LOST ever created!
  38. Introduction & Board Guide
  39. Welcome To This Message Board and Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderators!