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  1. Barney Stinson in Robin 101 (5.03): Airing October 5th!
  2. Neil's ABCs #4 - Jovial, Kind, Lovely
  3. Barney Stinson in Double Date (5.02): Airing September 28th!
  4. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #16: Because hauid;hgdfiy;h;bisudchdusifhis!
  5. Barney Stinson in Definitions (5.01): Airing September 21.
  6. Neil Patrick Harris General Appreciation #3: Because we've been waiting all summer for epic Neil goodies!
  7. Post Count Thread #3: Because we never want to have missing ingredients again!
  8. Barney Stinson SS Thread #1:
  9. NPH Hosting #3: Because we're going for the trifecta of hosting: Tonys, Emmys, next up: Oscars!
  10. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #15:Because ALL BrOTP survivor moments are precious
  11. Dr Horrible #3: Because we all want to be achievers like the Thoroughbred of Sin.
  12. Magic Castle [OT] #8: Because we want to hear Rach's con stories!
  13. Barney & Marshall #3: Because we are dying to see the fourth slap this season!
  14. Neil&David#4: From getting up in the morning to going to bed, they amuse each other and laugh
  15. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #14: Because she returned the favor, wingwoman style!
  16. Barney Stinson #8: Because Ted's got nothing on the Barnacle.
  17. Magic Castle [OT] #7: Because among us we watch many, many tv shows!
  18. NPH Hangman #3
  19. Outfit Survivor: Public Appearances - Outfit 15 wins!
  20. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #13: Because he turned sixteen no's into a yes!
  21. Barney/Lily #3: Because Barney thinks Marshall's got a good one there.
  22. Neil's Anti-ABC's #3: He so is NOT!
  23. The Stinsons #1 - Because they are the most awesomest family EVER!
  24. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #12: Because we have 47 Barney/Robin moments and we can't wait for more!
  25. Laundry Lovers {Billy&Penny} #2: Because he brought her frozen yogurt!
  26. Barney Stinson #7: Because The Stinson Effect *thud*
  27. Neil's ABCs #3 - Great, Hot, Intelligent
  28. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #11: Because maybe she does feel the same way!
  29. Neil News & Appearances #2: Babies, Beastly, and The Best & the Brightest...
  30. Neil and Musicals #2: Because next time he's on Broadway, we're taking an FF road trip!!
  31. Neil's Magic Appreciation #2: Because we all know NPH invented magic!
  32. Barney Stinson #6: Because Barney better be scared of us 'cause we want a piece of him
  33. Magic Castle [OT] #6: Because it's just been a bad, bad day.
  34. Swarkles! {Barney & Robin} #10: Because we've got 10 threads of hot kisses and brown vests!
  35. Please Welcome blue sky blues and *~*Rach*~* As Your New Moderators
  36. Neil Patrick Harris General Appreciation #2: Because he's our favorite music meister!
  37. Neil & David Thread #3: Because "Maybe Someday".
  38. Neil's Word Association #3: From whole-grain to tell-all!
  39. BrOTP {Barney and Robin} #9: Because "Ahhhhhhh!"
  40. Barney&Ted #2: Because we'd be a waterwing on either of them.
  41. Barney Stinson #5: Because designing his OP is like decorating a House of Awesome!
  42. Happy Birthday Neil! (June 15th)
  43. Post Count Thread #2: Because Neil doesn't want us to stop posting! Ever!
  44. NPH Hosting Thread #2: Because he totally owned the Tony's!
  45. Barney FanFiction #1: Come on in and write, rec, brainstorm and discuss all things Barney fanfic!
  46. Neil Fan Photos: Because we're sure Neil would think all his fans were beautiful!
  47. BrOTP {Barney&Robin} #8: Because at the end of the day, he'll come home to her.
  48. Billy/Dr. Horrible #2: Because a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
  49. Magic Castle [OT] #5: Because we are all jealous of Air's travels and want her to take us along!
  50. Barney Stinson #4: Because he can actually pick up chicks by doing magic tricks!