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  1. Kate ABC's #18: Entertaining, Friendly, Gorgeous... and on and on..
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  16. Kate This or That #4: What kind of Kate do you prefer?
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  22. Besides Kate, who else do you listen to? #5
  23. Kate/Mia 300 word story #13: This is where your imagination can be set free!
  24. Kate ABCs #17: Beautiful, Cutie, Dedicated to her fans...Watch us go on and on.
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  31. Kate Tweets #1: Because we can easily fill entire threads with all of Kate's tweets!
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  33. Kate Fashion Appreciation #3: Because no matter what she's wearing she always looks flawless.
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  35. Kate Word Association #23: New - album - Gravity - Happens!
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  41. Kate Word Association #22: Because every word reminds us of Kate somehow or another eventually!
  42. Standard Avatars: Kate Voegele
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  44. Hate Or Love It #3 - It's not hard to see why we love so much about Kate.
  45. Kate Board Post Count #10: No matter when we can always count on each other to post away in times of trouble.
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