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  1. Nate & Serena #10: Because a kiss that intense and hot always means something.
  2. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #54: Because "if it weren't worth it, neither of us would be taking the leap."
  3. Serena S&S #9: Because G's coming back and this time, S will kick her lil' booty.
  4. Blake's Fashion #4: Because she's on the cover of Vogue looking fashionable.
  5. Serena/Georgina #2: Because she got Serena to reveal her wild side.
  6. The Lively Family #1: Because they're a family of lively and talented actors.
  7. Hate It or Love It #2: A Blake drought? HATE. New Blake pictures? LOVE.
  8. Badge 'n' Blake [Blake ♥ Penn] #53: Because they wouldnt of gotten together if they thought it wasnt going to work.
  9. Penny #4: Because she's a little piece of home.
  10. New York, I Love You #2: Because she will be the greatest "girlfriend" ever!
  11. Blake Lively Celebration - One Year Anniversary!
  13. Badge 'n' Blake {50th celebration}: 50 threads of believing, vacation makeouts, shady kisses, and on-set PDA.
  14. Blake Pictures #11: Because there is no better gift than a picture of our gal.
  15. Blake Icons # 4: Because we're trying our best to captivate her beauty in 100x100.
  16. News & Appearances #11: Because she's the talk of the town.
  17. Stolen Hearts[D♥S] #21: Because it's Dan&Serena...Wooooo!
  18. ABC's #9: Fantastic, Gorgeous, Humble...that's our gal!
  19. Blake Lively #4: Because she's the new All-American beauty.
  20. OT #6: Because this is the season to be jolly.
  21. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #49.2: Because they're spotted velcro-ed at the hip in every party.
  22. The Private Lives of Pippa Lee #2
  23. TSOTTP/Bridget Vreeland #3: Because she went out of her way to get the thing that was forbidden.
  24. Nathaniel & Serena #9: Because Josh needs to get them together ASAP!
  25. Cupcakes (Blake&Chace) #12: Because they breathe sex.
  26. Anabelle (Elvis&Anabelle) #3: Because the wait is gonna be worth it.
  27. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #49.1: Because they are, without a doubt, the best of 2008!
  28. Stolen Hearts [D♥S] #20: Because you just have to hold me, thrill me, kiss me.
  29. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #49: Because it's been over a year and they’re more in love now than ever.
  30. Serena S&S #8: Because at heart she is a traditional girl.
  31. Blake/Serena Hangman #3: Because we know all of her lines, duh!
  32. Word Association #8: Vogue - cover - Blake!
  33. News & Appearances #10: Because she's hanging out with the biggest names, like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.
  34. Blake Pictures #10: Because she's picture perfect wherever she goes.
  35. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #48: If the Teen Witch approves, it must be true love.
  36. Serena/Aaron #1: Because they're childhood pals from camp.
  37. Gossip Girl set?
  38. Bee/Eric {TSOTTP} #3: Because he'll always wait for her.
  39. Erik&Serena #3: Because "today, Serena protected me".
  40. VdW's #3: Because at the end of the day, they'll always have each other.
  41. Serena/Chuck #4: Admit it. You want to see some hot stepsiblings action!
  42. Fan Art #2: Because Blake-centered arts are always the best.
  43. Blake lip gloss
  44. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #47: Because even in emergencies he’s her shoulder to lean on.
  45. Stolen Hearts [D♥S] #19: Because it's only a matter of time.
  46. Please Welcome NateScottLover As Your New Moderator!
  47. Serena S&S #7: Because Yale better get ready for Queen S.
  48. Deleted
  49. Badge 'n' Blake [B♥P] #46: Because their relationship is wonderful.
  50. McDonald's Guitar Hero 3 Tournament NYC