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  1. Badge 'n' Blake [Blake ♥ Penn] #71: Because we got PB Mexico 2.0 but no pics? Sly PB, sly.
  2. Blake Lively #6: Because she's the hottest Hollywood IT girl.
  3. Anabelle (Elvis&Anabelle) #5: Because after a long wait the movie has finally arrived.
  4. Adwido
  5. Stolen Hearts [Serena ♥ Daniel] #30: I do not know how much I love you, but I do know how much more I wish to.
  6. Badge 'n' Blake [Blake ♥ Penn] #70: Because both seemed to be on the same page fashion wise, as in always matching.
  7. Blake's Smile #6: Because she could sell us anything with that smile.
  8. Blake/Justin #1: Because they are totally accepted, duh!
  9. Blake Pictures #16: As soon as she hits the red carpet, madness and mayhem ensued.
  10. News & Appearances #16: Because we're loving the Blake galore!
  11. News & Appearances #16: Because we're loving the Blake galore!
  12. Badge 'n' Blake [Blake ♥ Penn] #69: Because they're attached to the hips....and lips.
  13. Blake/Amber/Alexis/America #5: Because with these jeans...there was magic happening in their pants.
  14. Penny #8: Because we're all ready to send out a search party for this pup.
  15. Serena (GG) #5: Because she will never be irrelevant, she's Serena Van Der Woodsen!
  16. Blake Word Association #10: Because all words lead back to our girl!
  17. Monica and Bartleby #2: Because they've got such cute chemistry.
  18. Blake's Hair #6: Because her hair is only one of her many gorgeous features.
  19. Stolen Hearts [Serena ♥ Daniel] #29: Why do I love you? Because you are and always have been my dream
  20. 100,000 Celebration
  21. Blake ABCs #12: Elegant - Friendly - Glamorous...
  22. Blake/Ed #4: Because their chemistry is astronomical!
  23. Blake/Leighton #5: Hair stroking, butt groping..what's next?!
  24. TSOTTP/Bridget Vreeland #4: Because we want to see her dance over and over again.
  25. {Sprinkles} Off Topic #8: Because welcome to random city.
  26. Stolen Hearts [Serena ♥ Daniel] #28: Because if love is my compass then you're my destination
  27. Badge 'n' Blake [B ♥ P] #68: BC riding and washing elephants, scuba diving, oh my!
  28. Post Count #6: Because we're Blake rollin'..and rollin'..and rollin'..to 100k!
  29. Blake's Legs #4: If we can be upfront about anything, it would be - Blake has killer legs.
  30. Blake/Anyone #3: Because she already hung out with the Madden Brothers, and now we're wondering who's next.
  31. Blake's Fashion #5: Because she's so effing hot that we're wondering how anyone could ever resist her.
  32. Serena S2 discussion/S3 Wish List
  33. Serena and Eric #4: Because they are our favorite TV siblings!
  34. Blake Pictures #15: Because after a long drought, Blake repays us in a teal Versace gown
  35. Caps Thread #1: Guess the episode.
  36. Badge 'n' Blake #67: Because like a 'real' man, he'll hold her purse.
  37. Penny #7: Because we're all dying for new pics of this pooch...especially ones with a certain pink gorilla!
  38. Stolen Hearts [Serena ♥ Dan] #27: Because if a hug represented how much I love you, I would hold you in my arms forever.
  39. Blake's Smile #5: Because her smile always shines like a diamond
  40. News & Appearances #15: Because "she plays with fashion and pulls it off."
  41. Blake on the GG DVD's #2: Because we can't wait to see what extras we get for S2.
  42. Badge 'n' Blake #66: Because they're back in the city, hand in hand
  43. Bee/Lena/Tibby/Carmen #3: Because they are four best friends who communicated through a pair of jeans.
  44. This or That #4
  45. Stolen Hearts [Serena ♥ Dan] #26: And you smile at me and take my hand, knowing that we're a part of a bigger plan.
  46. Blake's Hair #5: Because "Blake has lots of beautiful hair".
  47. Badge 'n' Blake #65:Because we're sure they had fun in Thailand. Next up? Disneyland!
  48. Blake/Serena Hangman #4: Because we know Blake and S word for word!
  49. Blake Pictures #14: Because her new pics may be Alluring, but she's a natural beauty to us.
  50. Blake Lively #5: Because she's the next America's sweetheart.