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  1. Bandits (Brenda/Dylan | Shannen/Luke) #137: "Luke and I had been (...) talking about the TV show (...) pitching together to be in just the two of us."
  2. S10 Discussion Thread #3
  3. Minnesota Twins (Brenda/Brandon)|(Shannen/Jason) #29: Because Brandon did not like dancing, but he asked his sister to dance.
  4. Steve Sanders/Ian Ziering #18: Because despite being "the original party animal", he was a good dad and husband.
  5. The cast/gang #21: Because we are happy that they gather at the cons.
  6. Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty #74: Because she received the standing ovations at the 90210 Con in Tampa!
  7. Donna/David (Tori/Brian) #14: "See, I like him. And if any of you have a problem with that, that's too bad." - Donna
  8. Donna Martin/Tori Spelling #17: Because she overcame her learning disorder.
  9. Holiday Icon Set Competition 2023
  10. Brenda/Steve (Shannen/Ian) #5: Because Steve went to the play to save his friendship with Brenda.
  11. Steve/Brandon (Ian/Jason) #11: Because the Casa Walsh became the Sanders' house... literally.
  12. Season 2 Appreciation/Discussion Thread #8
  13. Gina/Dylan (Vanessa/Luke) #5: Because she gave him a necklace to give to his Goddaughter.
  14. Valerie Malone/Tiffani Thiessen #21: Because she was a queen of witty comebacks.
  15. Brenda/David (Shannen/Brian) #6: "I love her to death." - Brian
  16. BH90210 Discussion Thread #5: "I love you, guys." - Tori
  17. Valerie/Dylan (Tiffani/Luke) #6: "You've been incredible, Val." - Dylan
  18. Andrea/Steve (Gabrielle/Ian) #9: Because he convinced her that "radical-er" is not a word; it's an attitude!
  19. Clare/Steve (Kathleen/Ian) #15: "I guess there can be more than one jerk in our relationship, huh?" "Absolutely."
  20. Parents Appreciation/Discussion Thread #6: Because Jack's death was so dramatic.
  21. 90210 ABCs #76
  22. David Silver/Brian Austin Green #13: Because he overcame his bipolar disorder.
  23. Valerie/Brandon (Tiffani/Jason) #6: Because he saved her life when she was about to jump off the building.
  24. Brenda Walsh/Shannen Doherty #73: "She's never been stronger." - Holly Marie Combs
  25. Brenda/Kelly/Donna (Shannen/Jennie/Tori) #10: Because Kelly and Donna threw a goodbye party for Brenda and her family when they were supposed to move.
  26. Dylan McKay/Luke Perry #33: "Luke never let an obstacle be a roadblock." - Ian Ziering
  27. Season 3 Discussion Thread #6
  28. Toni/Dylan (Rebecca/Luke) #8: Because she stood by him against her father.
  29. Val/Kelly (Tiff/Jennie) #12: Brandon: "Well this is Valerie and Kelly we're talking about. It's not as simple as the Middle East."
  30. Andrea/Brandon (Gabrielle/Jason) #14:"You never cease to amaze me, you know that?" "Thank you, sir. I do my best."
  31. Brenda/Kelly (Shannen/Jennie) #21: Because Kelly asked her mom if Brenda could move in with them when her family was supposed to go back to Minnesota.
  32. Brenda/Donna (Shannen/Tori) #10: "Tori and Shannen got along great. They became very tight. They both filled some void for each other."- Jennie
  33. Janet Sosna/Lindsay Price #4: Because she was smart, funny, yet nice.
  34. Season 7 Discussion Thread #4
  35. Brandon/Dylan (Jason/Luke) #14: Because Brandon was the first person to see through Dylan's bad boy facade.
  36. Kelly/Brandon (Jennie/Jason) #87: B/c Jennie likes Kelly's energy better with Brandon and Tori thinks that her whole energy lightens up with him.
  37. Donna/Kelly (Tori/Jennie) #10: Because Tori and Jennie are best friends, just like Donna and Kelly were.
  38. Brandon Walsh/Jason Priestley #27: "My son, next JFK." - Jim
  39. Bandits (Brenda/Dylan | Shannen/Luke) #136: "Then Dylan and Brenda begin to date in a charismatic romance that feels like the stuff of legend."
  40. Clare Arnold/Kathleen Robertson #9: Because she was a queen of dry humor.
  41. Andrea Zuckerman/Gabrielle Carteris #12: Because she graduated from college first, although she was the first to get a baby too.
  42. Minnesota Twins (Brenda/Brandon)|(Shannen/Jason) #28: Because the twins inspired everyone in their surrounding to change. For better.
  43. Brandon/Brenda/Dylan (Jason/Shannen/Luke) #15: Because Brandon and Dylan came to watch Brenda's driver's test and cheer for her!
  44. Steve Sanders/Ian Ziering #17: "I am the original party animal."
  45. Donna Martin/Tori Spelling #16: "Strike the match, Donna! Strike the match!"
  46. Kelly Taylor/Jennie Garth #71: "So what kind of schmo stands up a girl on her birthday?" "Especially if that girl happens to be Kelly Taylor."
  47. Janet/Steve (Lindsay/Ian) #6: "Calling your husband's ideas moronic is not constructive." "Wives can call their husbands morons. Neighbors cannot."
  48. Valerie/David (Tiffani/Brian) #14: "She was there for me when I needed her and she’s been there for me ever since." - David
  49. Gina Kincaid/Vanessa Marcil #7: Because she helped Donna with their dad's eulogy even after Donna blamed her for his death.
  50. Season 5 Discussion Thread #5