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  1. Jennie G./Kelly T. #21: Because She Gave Up Paris to Bond With Her Baby Sister
  2. Anti-Kelly Taylor #8: B/c "Brenda, I would never try to steal Dylan from you."
  3. Bandits (D/B) #51: "Something always leads me back to you, it never takes too long."
  4. Dylan♥Kelly #64: Because Their Love Is Indestructible.
  5. Bandits (D/B) #50: She may have been out of the picture, but never out of his heart.
  6. Brooders (Dylan/Luke) #10: Because He's Not One to Kiss and Tell!
  7. Steve and Brenda (Ian and Shannen) #2: Because he let her lean against him, although it meant ruining his jacket!
  8. Bandits(D/B) #49: Because She Loves His Butt..Urgh..His Bike.
  9. B/S #16: B/c She's A Very Intelligent Young Woman Who Isn't Afraid To Speak Her Mind
  10. Dylan♥Kelly #63: Because Who Else Is Going to Tie His Tie?
  11. Anti-D/K #11: Because they turned Dylan into a pod character to meet Kelly's needs.
  12. I/S #4: B/c He's like a puppy. All he wants is to love, be loved, play and... pee.
  13. Dylan♥Kelly #62: Because He Never Cheated On Her. He Just Cheated with Her.
  14. Bandits (B/D) #48: Because She Treats His Ribs So Fine.
  15. FanArt #3: Beautiful Arts For A Beautiful Cast.
  16. Jennie G./Kelly T. #20: Because "The Moment You Meet Her, You're In Love"-A. Spelling
  17. Dylan♥Kelly #61: He Didn't Want Her to Marry Anyone Else, And She ... Just Couldn't.
  18. Bandits (B/D) #47: B/c Brenda Hooked Dylan's Sweatshirt... And His Heart.
  19. Musketeers (B/B/D) #6: B.Y.O.B and U4EA? Bandits saving Brandon's lashed butt. Twice.
  20. Anti-Brenda Walsh #5: Because She Doesn't Play Well With Others.
  21. Feisty girls (B/S) #15: B/c "She's the best young actress I've seen in a long time".
  22. Bandits (B/D) #46: B/C They Got Out Of The Zip, Didn't Want To Live By The Code.
  23. Dylan♥Kelly #60: BC Love Is Not A Moral Decision. It's An Emotion, and They Had It.
  24. Bandits (B/D) #45: B/c She Didn't Have a Goddess Complex, That's Why He Adored Her.
  25. Minnesota Twins (Bran/Bren) # 7: B/c They Made Us Wanna Eat Ice Cream All The Time.
  26. Brooders (Dylan/Luke) #9: Because Cher Is Saving Her Cherry for Luke Perry.
  27. Dancing Duo (Brenda and David) # 1: Because They Won A Dance Contest Together
  28. Nat Bussichio/Joe E Tata Appreciation #1 : BC He Was A Fatherly Figure To The Gang.
  29. Dylan♥Kelly #59: Two People Who Saw Each Other for Who They Really Were.
  30. Bandits (Brenda/Dylan) #44:B/C "whatever it takes to get you back... it's worth it"
  31. Jennie G./Kelly T. #19: Because She Always Wore Her Heart On Her Sleeve
  32. Bren/Shay #14:B/c "How Bad Is It That Your Lead Actress Wants The Show To Be Better?"
  33. Dylan♥Kelly #58: He Was A Man In Search Of His Roots, And She Represented Them.
  34. After Dark (OT) #6: Because We need A Place To Talk About Things .. Somewhere.
  35. Anti-Dylan/Kelly #10: All They had In Common Was Walking Home From Kindergarten.
  36. Dylan♥Kelly #57:Because If He Was Gonna Eat A Bird, It Would Be With Her *flap, flap*
  37. Jennie G./Kelly T. #18: Because Who Did They Want For The Spin-Off? Kelly Taylor!
  38. 90210 Spin Off #1: You wanna live in the zip, you gotta live by the code.
  39. Anti-Kelly Taylor #7: Because Those in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones.
  40. Bandits (Brenda/Dylan) #43: B/C They Were Each Other´s Strongest Weakness
  41. Feisty Girls (B/S) #13: Because Even Perez Hilton Wants Her Back!!
  42. The Musketeers (B/B/D) #5: B/C They'll Never Leave Her Alone Again, They Promise.
  43. Dylan♥Kelly #56: BC They Wouldn't Ever Be "Truly Happy" Until They Worked Things Out.
  44. Minnesota Twins (Brandon/Brenda) #6: B/C "You're My Better Half"
  45. Anti-BrendaWalsh#4: There Was An 'I Hate Brenda Walsh' Newsletter, Speaks for Itself.
  46. 'The Beverly Beat' News Thread #2: {Post Counts/News/DVD Info}
  47. Dylan♥Kelly #55: Because Leaving Couldn't Make Him Forget.
  48. Jennie G./Kelly T. #17: Because She's "Our" Little Fun Tart.
  49. Fan Forum Music Video Awards 2008
  50. The Roomies (Kelly/David/Donna) # 2 Because he couldn't get off drugs without their tough love