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  1. Cobras {J/R} #52: "Because when Rachel needed a place to stay, the first place she went to was Joey’s.”
  2. Friends Thread #50: We will miss Matthew forever and are greatful for everything he did for the show.
  3. Jen ABC #76: amazing, beautiful, charming
  4. Jennifer Off-Topic #82: Because we can’t believe 2023 is almost over
  5. Rachel Green #42:“You know what I figure? If I can do laundry, there’s nothing I can’t do.”
  6. Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel} #49:Because she’s all he’s ever wanted since he was 15
  7. Jen Anti-ABCs #56: mean,needless,old
  8. Jen & Court #38:" The biggest heart and most generous of humans. I love you, Cox-N-Hammer!" Jen on Court
  9. The Cheesecake Stealers {R/C} #31:“How can you not have a crush on Jennifer Aniston?”- Matthew about Jennifer
  10. David & Jen Thread #8: "We liked each other from the start, David and I."
  11. Jen Social Media (Instagram) #6: We don´t need a title we always love Jens posts.
  12. The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Appreciation Thread #4: Because we´re excited for Season 3.
  13. Jen Last Letter #57: intelligent,talented,darling
  14. Jen and Lisa Appreciation 24:“She’s been my friend and my family for nearly 30 incredible years.”- Jen about Lisa
  15. Jen ABC #75: pretty, quick, radiant
  16. Jen Picture Thread #37:Because we just want one new picture.
  17. Cobras {J/R} #51: "I can't believe I'm kissing you. I'm kissing Rachel!"
  18. Friends Thread #49: Because the show was so iconic!
  19. Jen Anti-ABCs #55: needless, overrated, poor
  20. Rachel Green #41: Because we love how much Rachel grew as a person.
  21. Jennifer Off-Topic #81: Because we are looking forward to summer
  22. Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel} #48: Because he fell in love with his best friend
  23. Jen & Court #37: "We´re best friends Monica! "I know!"
  24. The Cheesecake Stealers {R/C} #30:Because we love that Jen was there for Matthew through his tough times.
  25. Jen Last Letter #56: educated,darling,generous
  26. Jen ABC #74: great,honest,intelligent
  27. Jen Social Media (Instagram) #5: Because we love when she posts.
  28. David & Jen Thread #7:"Just being in a scene with Jen is a thrill." (David on Jen)
  29. The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Appreciation Thread #3: Because Season 3 is comming soon!
  30. Jen and Lisa Appreciation 23:Because we love how they support each other
  31. Jen Anti-ABCs #54: lame, moron,needless
  32. Jen Picture Thread #36:Because we are desperate for new pics!
  33. Friends Thread #48: Because we love Friends trivia
  34. Cobras {J/R} #50: "I will see if the thing that I think that I know is actually the thing that I think that I know!" "You know!" "And you know!"
  35. Rachel Green #40: No title no idea
  36. Jen Last Letter #55: sweet,talented, darling
  37. Jennifer Off-Topic #80:Because we love to chat
  38. 2022 Holiday Fan Art Competition Voting: Jennifer Aniston
  39. Jen ABC #73: darling, elegant, fantastic
  40. Lobsters {Ross ♥ Rachel} #47: Because we loved them making Emma laugh with a dirty song
  41. The Cheesecake Stealers {R/C} #29: Because we love our cheesecake stealers.
  42. Jen & Court #36: Courteney and Jen are best friends. Do we need more? No!
  43. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2022
  44. Jen Anti-ABCs #53: boring, cruel, dull
  45. Jen Social Media (Instagram) #4: We need new posts!
  46. David & Jen Thread #6:"You guys have a LOT of chemistry together." Courteney about them
  47. The Morning Show (Apple TV+) Appreciation Thread #2:Because we can’t wait for the new season.
  48. Jen and Lisa Appreciation 22: We couldn`t find one but if we would have it would be something fun what Phoebe or Rachel would say.
  49. Jen Last Letter #54: generous, smart, talented
  50. Jen Picture Thread #35: We didn`t find a title but some pictures