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  2. Green Day Style Thread #1 ~ B/C they've GOT style!!
  3. Tre Cool Appreciaton Thread #2: b/c He's going to wash our grandmothers!
  4. Green Day & U2 Discussion Thread#1:Because the biggest bands in the world have united
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  7. Green Day Vs. Big Audio Dynamite Vs. Beck - Mash Up
  8. Mike Dirnt Appr Thread#2: Because all his religious beliefs are based on Star Wars
  9. Green Day Fan Art: Because they make beautiful music and we make beautiful art
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  11. Billie Joe Picture Thread #3 : Because this holiday we're wishing for new pictures
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  13. Green Day OT #5: I'm not gonna say anything inspirational, I'm just gonna effin swear
  14. Been wondering this for 12 years...
  15. Green Day News #3: b/c it's our job to know all the latest news **read page 9**
  16. The Crazy Chuckfans #1 ~ Because tha chuxx rule!
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  19. Billie Joe & Adrienne Appr. Thread #4: True Punk Rock Royalty
  20. Favourite
  21. Green Day OT #4: B/c There's more in life besides Green Day, Or so we're told?
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  23. Tre Cool Appreciaton Thread: Who Could Forget Him?
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  28. Jesus of Suburbia Video Discussion
  29. Green Day TV Appearances- b/c we want to watch them everywhere
  30. 250 reasons we love Green Day
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  32. Green Day OT #3; b/c we should take soe time to talk about something other then GD
  33. Billie Joe Appreciation Thread #2-b/c every band needs a sexy lead singer!
  34. Green Day Word Association #3
  35. Green Day ABC's #3- no words describe the best band ever
  36. Green Day Music Video Thread #1- b/c their video's have transformed into mini-movies
  37. Live Freaky! Die Freaky!
  38. FAN PHOTO'S- It's time to see what we look like!
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  41. This or That Picture Thread #1
  42. Mike Dirnt Picture Thread #1- b/c Billie has one so Mike should too!
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  45. Bands Influenced by Green Day
  46. Last Letter #2
  47. Quotes #1-b/c they sound like Tre choking on a hairball
  48. Green Day News #2- b/c we want to know everything about them
  49. Billie Joe & Adrienne #3- b/c their tattoo's show how much they are in love
  50. Birthday Thread #1