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  1. BG's 300-word story #7: so much fun!
  2. Word Association #8: b/c no matter what word we get, we can relate it to Bryan
  3. Bryan`s ABC #13: So many words to describe him!
  4. Question Of The Week #16: If you could relocate to one place....
  5. OH SNAPS!(Off Topic)#10:B/c staring at his cute face each sec,would make us drop dead
  6. Bryan Anti ABC's: b/c this one is gonna be finished as fast as the old one ;)
  7. Bryan Outfit Survivor (final round): he´s hot in clothes...or nothing
  8. Bryan`s ABC #12: Awww Bryan is a Cute Dude
  9. Picture Thread #6: b/c we need Bryan to say "cheese" more often
  10. Dirty Birds #7: b/c either in pink or nothing, he sure looks good!
  11. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic)#9:b/c we`re not only sweating because of Bryan anymore
  12. BG's 300-word story #6: where not a lot of things make sense
  13. Bryan`s ABC #11: b/c Aww - Bryan´s - Cute
  14. Bryan Art Thread #2: Because Bryan brings out our creative side!
  15. Bryan Anti ABC's #8: That's not him...
  16. Word Association #7: Everything leads to Bryan
  17. Creative Souls (JP) #10: They'll Have Their Someday...
  18. Bryan ABC's #10: Because the alphabet was never hotter.
  19. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic) #8:Because we need to tell Marina what team she should root for
  20. BG Avatars #5: b/c this is almost as good as snagging the real thing
  21. Jake Jagielski Appreciation Thread #3: Because he has the biggest heart on the show
  22. Bryan Anti ABC's #7: What he's not..
  23. BG's 300-word story #5:A story all about him!
  24. Bryan ABC's #9: Because he makes the alphabet fun.
  25. Word Association #6: Bryan-sweet-Oreos!
  26. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic) #8: b/c all the season finales give us so much to talk about
  27. Bryan Anti ABC's 6: b/c this could never be him
  28. Bryan ABC's #8: the fun way to learn English ;)
  29. BG's 300-word story #4:Where Bryan is the star!
  30. Creative Souls (JP) #9:Because sometimes fairytales do come true
  31. Wifebeater Buddies(BG/BJ) #4: Because Jake was singing for Nathan too ;)
  32. April 30th: Happy Birthday, Marina!!!
  33. Jake Jagielski Appreciation Thread #2: b/c we watch out for those musicians
  34. Polish BG thread #1 - we have good taste in guys too!
  35. Post Count #4: b/c now we need to beat the ink SMM bored again ;)
  36. Prime Expressions Survivor (final round)- we NEED your vote!
  37. Welcome back To the Bryan Board!
  38. Nick/October Road #1: Because we're crossing our fingers for this show to get picked
  39. Nobel Son #1: because he had awesome co-stars here too.
  40. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic) #7: we can't stop talking!
  41. Bryan Introduction and Guide thread
  42. Creative Souls (JP) #8:Because Biker dude + emo girl=sweet sweet love
  43. BG Avatars #4: b/c this is the only place we can take him away in our own little box
  44. Bryan news thread #3: Because we want to go down the October Road
  45. ABC's #7: Adorable Bryan
  46. Bryan video thread #2
  47. Picture thread #5: Waiting for new ones!
  48. Word Association #5: Cookies -Oreo- Bryan
  49. Bryan/Prime #3: Because It's Beautiful
  50. Bryan ANTI-ABCs #5: He's many things, but he isn't...