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  28. OH SNAPS!(Off Topic)#17:B/c although the snow isn´t here yet, we got the xmas spirit
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  31. Creative Souls (JP) #12: Because they collide and the world doesn't matter.
  32. OH SNAPS!(OT) #16: we might be drunk sometimes,but still talking about the good stuff
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  36. OH SNAPS!(Off Topic)#15: b/c even though there are news about OR,we still talk OT
  37. BryanABC's #15: b/c everything about him makes us drop dead
  38. Word Association #9:every word connects to another!
  39. BG's 300-word story #8: we make up the plot!
  40. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic) #14: B/c even if we are different, deep inside we are the same
  41. OH SNAPS!(Off Topic)#13: Because all the cool kids hangs here.
  42. Bryan Anti ABC´s: tell us what he´s not...
  43. OH SNAPS!(Off Topic)#12:b/c with all the shows starting again, we have much to talk!
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  46. Post Count #5: b/c it´s always good to keep an eye on the BG board :)
  47. Creative Souls (JP) #11: Because "Someday" could be S4!
  48. BG Icons and Avatars #6: Because we get to have fun with Bryan in a tiny box! ;)
  49. OH SNAPS! (Off Topic) #11: b/c there´s so much more than Bryan, isn´t it?
  50. Bryan Anti ABC's: not about Bryan!