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  1. Animation Television Appreciation Thread
  2. Wolverine Appreciation Thread #1: "I'm A Soldier, And I've Been Hiding Too Long."
  3. Green Arrow and Black Canary #3: "I think you'll live to punch suspects another day".
  4. If you were a supervillain who would be the villainess by your side
  5. Aquaman appreciation thread #6: Life, Like the Sea, has a way of bringing People Together.
  6. Young Justice #3: Why let them tell us what to do? It’s simple. Get on board or get out of the way.
  7. Questionnaire on The Emotional Impact of Animation Storytelling. Respondents needed!
  8. Justice League #7: "People Said The Age Of Heroes Would Never Come Again".
  9. DC Comics Discussion Thread #11: Are You Prepared for the Great Darkness! #DCDarkCrisis
  10. Harley Quinn appreciation thread #8: "A-Okay, Mr J." ..
  11. Calvin and Hobbes - It's a Magical World!
  12. Weapon Brown
  13. Comics Turned Games Thread #2
  14. Captain Marvel Thread #2: "I have nothing to prove to you."
  15. Power Girl Appreciation Thread #3:"Billions, trillions, infinite."
  16. Standard Avatars - Comics & Cartoons
  17. X-Men Appreciation Thread #12: "Superpowers, a scintillating wit, and the best body money can buy... and I still rate below a corpse."
  18. Sailor Moon #9 - "Be pure, be honest, be beautiful."
  19. Static Shock Appreciation Thread: “The Name’s Static. I Put A Shock To Your System.”
  20. Black Panther Appreciation Thread: "I did not yield! and as you can see, I am not dead! The challenge continues!
  21. Captain America Appreciation Thread: "I really miss the days when the weirdest thing science every created was me."
  22. Daredevil Appreciation Thread: "There are no heroes, nor villains. Just people with different agendas."
  23. Catwoman Appreciation Thread 5: "Please, I wouldn't touch you to scratch you."
  24. Batgirl Appreciation Thread #5: "There's more to life than fighting and training and...Y'Know...the whole BAT thing."
  25. Wonder Woman #7: "Oh I don't think you've ever known a Woman like me."
  26. Batman Discussion Thread #9: " I’m vengeance."
  27. Teen Titans #4: "Any chance we can replace Beast Boy with a robot too?"
  28. The Sandman Discussion Thread #2:
  29. Zatanna appreciation thread #1: 1 of the best magicians around!
  30. Peanuts Guitar
  31. Comic book based T.V. shows thread #8: A thread to discuss every comic book show!
  32. Watchmen appreciation #3: "In this world, you shouldn't rely on help from anybody. In the end, a man stands alone."
  33. ABC's of Comics #39
  34. Incredible Hulk appreciation thread #2: "Don't make me angry!"
  35. Comics & Cartoons Word Association #51
  36. Poison Ivy appreciation thread #3: "Nature always wins."
  37. Harley Quinn appreciation thread #7: "I'm Rubber, You're Glue, Whatever You Say Bounces Off Me And Makes A Six-Inch-Diameter Exit Wound In You"
  38. Rugrats Appreciation Thread #2: “I know it's kinda early to be thinking about marriage, but hey, I'm gonna be three next year!”
  39. Iron Man Appreciation Thread #2: “You can take away my house, all my tricks, and toys, but one thing you can't take away – I am Iron Man.”
  40. Superman thread #7:"You will be Different, sometimes you'll feel like an Outcast, but you'll never be Alone".
  41. Comic Book Movies #19: we can't wait to go back to the theatre!
  42. The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive thread #4
  43. The Avengers Appreaction#2: There guys come from Legend, Captain. They're basically Gods".
  44. Birds of Prey #5: "Get ready ladies".
  45. Marvel Discussion Thread #7: We are excited for the Falcon and the Winter Soldier tv series
  46. Buffy Comics #4: “We saved the world. I say we party!”
  47. Ultimate Spider-Man #3 “What we believe we know may not be the truth.” – Spiderman
  48. Green Lantern #4: "No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon" - Hal Jordan
  49. Avatar: The Last Airbender #5: "Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not."
  50. Wonder Woman #6: "Nothing good is born from lies. And greatness is not what you think"