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  1. 1x13 - "Oriole" Episode Discussion [March 9th]
  2. Message Board Closure Notice
  3. Melrose Countdown Thread - Just a Week Away Till The New Episodes!
  4. Moderator Opening Announcement
  5. Standard Avatars
  6. Violet/Sydney #2: Because she came to accept her as her daughter in the end?
  7. DavidღViolet #3: Because it's all about the legacy baby!
  8. Board Customization
  9. Jessica/Riley #3: Because we hope she figures out her life
  10. Jonah&Riley #2 ~ Because 5 years is a long time!
  11. Meet & Greet Thread : "Because we all would love to get to know each other"
  12. Compatibles [Jonah ♥ Ella] #7: Because that really happened. Twice. NICE!
  13. Stephanie/Lauren #3 Because she is determined to be the best doctor she can be
  14. Katie Cassidy/Ella Simms #6: Because she is who she is and proud of it
  15. Nick Zano/Drew Pragin #1: Because he's a likable physician with a secret.
  16. Compatibles [Jonah ♥ Ella] #6: Because he wanted to spend the night with someone who always believes in him.
  17. "San Vicente" 1.12 Episode Discussion [8th Dec]
  18. Melrose Place ABC Thread #2: [C]omplex, [D]avid, [E]lla
  19. Vanessa Mancini/Brooke Burns #1: Because we'd like to see more of her.
  20. Michael Rady/Jonah Miller #3: Because we want to try his Killer Miller Mohito
  21. "June" 1.11 Episode Discussion [1st Dec]
  22. Heather Locklear/Amanda Woodward #2: Because she's after something and we wanna know what!
  23. DavidღLauren #2: B/c she's not like one of his other "dates"
  24. "Cahuenga" 1.10 Episode Discussion [17th Nov]
  25. Auggie & Riley #2: There'll always be a place for you, inside my arms.
  26. "Ocean" 1.09 Episode Discussion [10th Nov]
  27. Compatibles [ღJonah♥Ellaღ] #5: Because they're always on the same page.
  28. Dt. Marco Rodriguez #1: Because he WILL find out the truth.
  29. "Gower" 1.08 Episode Discussion (3rd Nov)
  30. Shaun Sipos/David Breck #3: Because he is the modern day version of Robin Hood!
  31. Fierce Ladies [Amanda/Ella] #1: Because seeing them together is gonna be explosive
  32. Creepy Eyes [Ashlee/Violet] #3: Because she would do anything for revenge
  33. Victor Webster/Caleb #1: He smokes cigars, likes guys and is not afraid to admit it.
  34. Colin/Auggie #3: Because they can't remove the hottie of the show
  35. Katie Cassidy/Ella Simms#5: Because she really showed heart and we loved that
  36. Ella & Riley # 1- Because Ella thinks she is strikingly beautiful
  37. Celebrating 10,000 Posts!!!
  38. Daphne Zuniga/Jo Reynolds #1:
  39. Jenna Dewan as Kendra b/c we all are waiting for bad girl Jenna
  40. "Windsor" 1.07 Episode Discussion (20th Oct)
  41. Jonah ღ Ella #4: Because he gave her a wonderful thoughtful birthday gift
  42. "Shoreline" 1.06 Episode Discussion (13th Oct)
  43. Jonah/David #1: Because they are basketball buddies
  44. Please Welcome Lennie1984 and gizzie_fan As Your New Moderators!
  45. Jessica/Riley #2: Because with every good girl, there's a bad one underneath!
  46. Michael Rady/Jonah Miller #2: Because one day he will be a big filmmaker
  47. David ♥ Ella #3: Doing all I can do just to be close to you every time that we meet I skip a heartbeat.
  48. MP 2.0 "Canon" 1.05 Episode Discussion
  49. Josie Bissett/Jane Andrews #1: Because she wont let anyone walk all over her
  50. Heather Locklear/Amanda Woodward #1: Because she is the original bad girl