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  15. Daredevil & Jessica Jones {Charlie|Krysten} #3: "You took my case, I took yours."
  16. Jessica and Malcolm (Krysten & Eka) #2: "You use sarcasm to distance yourself from people." "Yet you're still here."
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  20. Daredevil & Elektra {Charlie & Elodie} #4: "This is what living feels like."
  21. Luke Cage | Mike Colter #4: "I'm not hugging you."
  22. Luke♥Claire {Mike & Rosario} #2: "You're so corny."
  23. Besides The Defenders, what TV show or movie are you watching? #7
  24. Claire Temple {Rosario Dawson} #2: I am no one's sidekick.
  25. Jessica Jones | Krysten Ritter #5: -What time is it? -Late. Or early, depending on your life choices.
  26. Group Therapy [Off Topic] #3
  27. Iron Fist [Danny Rand | Finn Jones] #2: Sworn protector of K'un-Lun
  28. Elektra Natchios | Elodie Yung #3: "My name is Elektra Natchios. You work for me now."
  29. Trish Walker {Rachael Taylor} #2: It's Patsy!
  30. Jess & Trish {Krysten & Rachael} #2: "Jessica's a good friend too. When it comes to the real stuff, the stuff that'll last forever."
  31. Colleen Wing | Jessica Henwick #2: The Daughter of the Dragon
  32. Luke♥Jessica {Mike & Krysten} #2: "You were the first person I ever pictured a future with"
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  36. Holiday Fan Art Competition 2018
  37. The Defenders {News & Media} #2
  38. Daredevil & Elektra {Charlie & Elodie} #3: "He is the one she loved."
  39. Luke Cage | Mike Colter #3: "Who hears Neon?"
  40. Besides The Defenders, what TV show or movie are you watching? #5
  41. Jessica Jones | Krysten Ritter #4: Ever since you burst into my office, my life has become one big Kung-Fu party.
  42. The Defenders Board 1 Year Celebration Thread
  43. Misty Knight | Simone Missick #1 - even with one arm she fights back hard
  44. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  45. Malcolm Ducasse {Eka Darville} #1: "That's why it wasn't crunchy!"
  46. Trish Walker {Rachael Taylor} #1: "No one touches me anymore unless I want them to."
  47. Jess & Trish {Krysten & Rachael} #1: "We have so much fun, (Rachael)'s like my real life best friend and sister."
  48. Besides The Defenders, what TV show or movie are you watching? #4
  49. Luke Cage 2x13 "They Reminisce Over You" Episode Discussion
  50. Luke Cage 2x12 "Can't Front On Me" Episode Discussion