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Yeah seems logical. Although I preferred our theory making him Wagner-Caine

Random observation, mainly because the episode was on when I turned my TV on, but Parker is a little like the warlock priest, Brandon (played by Michael Weatherly), from season 1 of the original. His brothers wanted to turn him evil & destroy his human half, while he wanted to destroy his demon side & becoming a priest would do that. Obviously Parker's story is a lot different but he still has a family who wants to turn him evil & tempt or force him to do dark things, while he would do anything to be good & human. Hopefully Parker can have the same luck of Brendan instead of the same luck Cole had in that battle
seems so long i've been waiting, still don't know what for, there's no point in escaping, i'm taking off my
armor, already cut to the bone, burn the maps to this place, i don't need one anyway, we're told to say
that it's better, but i know that there's little black or white, there's little wrong or right, and mostly it's both

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