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But Kaycee was a deserving winner. Whether you think Tyler deserved it more, thats fine. I disagree, but to each their own. But she still is a good winner imo. She had the most wins that season, had a great alliance, a good social game etc.

Tyler is lucky to even have been in the final 2, he could have been cut at 3 if Kaycee made a smarter decision.

Are Haleigh and Fessy still together? Random, I know. I thought all the showmances last season were really well-suited.
Yes. They broke up temporarily a few months ago but are back together it looks like.

If Holly or Jackson win the 2nd part, then they are most likely taking each other, but I think that would be a stupid move on Holly's part to keep Jackson. She should cut him. It would gain her a lot of respect from the jury and she would actually have a good chance against Nicole imo. I still think Nicole would win though.

this is how I see it:

Holly vs Nicole:
Jessica - Nicole
Christie - Holly
Jack - Holly
Nick - Nicole
Kat - Holly
Tommy - Nicole?
Cliff - Nicole
Analyse - Nicole?
Jackson - Holly

I think Nicole would take it. But it would be close. I know Analyse didnt like Holly at the end there so she might even vote Nicole. Tommy could go for either one but I think he respects Nicole more after the Jackson blow up. Christie could also vote for Nicole but I know she was close with Holly. I dont see Jack or Jackson voting for Nicole over Holly but jackson could be super pissed she cut him....

Holly vs Jackson:
Jessica - Jackson
Christie - Holly
Jack - Jackson
Nick - Jackson
Kat - Holly
Tommy - Jackson?
Cliff - Jackson
Analyse - Jackson
Nicole - Jackson

I think Jackson would win in a landslide. Tommy could be bitter but i dont see him as a bitter fan and I think he would believe Jackson outplayed him. I can see Christie holding a grudge. Cliff, I think he would ultimately vote for Jackson. Im not sure what Nicole would do but I think she would also vote for the better player and not be bitter, even though I dont think she likes Jackson that much.

I'm not gonna do jackson/nicole scenario because I dont see any way those two are sitting in the final 2. They would both take Holly.


Would love to see Haleigh and Nicole play another season.

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