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Yeah, like I said I'm sure Holly won't win against Jackson or Nicole. There won't be a Jackson/Nicole F2 cause they will cut the other. Since the final HOH is usually mental and about remembering things, hopefully that gives Nicole the win over Jackson if she wins part 2. He mostly wins physical comps more than mental ones. I don't get why anyone likes Tommy (aka his edit) either. He's so damn fake and annoying to me. I'm pleasantly surprised Kemi is up there but I'm glad too after most of the cast was cruel to her for no reason (with some of it being racially motivated) Part of me wishes she would win just to piss Jack and the others off. Jack's so obsessed with Kemi he will probably still be talking about her years after this lol. Usually people that leave that early don't win AFP though. I hope Tommy doesn't win but if he does, it reeks of the usual fakeness. You think that Cliff or Nicole would win it. I would prefer for Nicole to win the show and Cliff to win AFP. Even though he acted like an idiot near the end, I loved him most of the game and he's a good person.
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