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Originally Posted by NOLA504 (View Post)
Nick was so annoying during the jury scenes. like dude get over it, you lost. like what was Christie suppose to do.? not put up a fight an just get evicted
I didn't do anything wrong, I just expressed my opinion. I didn't attack anyone here for how they feel but I get attacked for my opinion on the houseguests. These are real people that have said racist and vulgar things themselves. I've seen people on this site always cussing and their posts have to be bleeped out. About time they showed the jury house. The Nick/Kat thing is out of nowhere and gross cause he's like a walking disease but Nick was apparently always groping and cuddling with everyone in the house (even saying over and over he wanted to sleep with Tommy) and Kat supposedly slept with Jack and Jackson before the feeds started. So to me their experimenting. Nick is a fickle and horny pig and Kat can sometimes be desperate for pricks and regret it later. That's what I see this as. Nothing serious that won't last, their just grossly fooling around I guess. I'm just glad this season is almost over, I just hope Nicole wins but if not as usual I forget about these people a day or two after the season ends anyway lol.
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