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Sooo I was fully prepared to buy the group version of Red Velvet's latest release. I was ready to order online at the book retailer I buy from because I have a membership and then something funny caught my eye. For the special member version of the CD it said "available in store." So naturally I was like And had to investigate since the store is like 15 minutes away. So low and behold I walk into my local book retailer aaaand I find Wendy! SO FREAKING RANDOM! It was just that one album. So even though I had no intention of getting this version of the album I felt compelled to buy it because it was really cool to be able to buy it at a local store. So I did! Maybe I will buy the intended version some other time in my life. I also spotted BTS's latest release so grabbed that also! I had a gift card so I only had to pay for one. Anyway that was a cool/weird experience!

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