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Long Live (Tay&Band) #6: Because the Reputation Tour featured so many talented women!

[I]Welcome to the sixth Taylor & Band Appreciation Thread!

million little stars (Christy)
Can't Be Tamed (Steph)
rachelmarie77 (Rachel)
tara is music (Tara)
Zac Efron's # 1 fan (Bradley)
kingdom lights (Alice)
Jemistry (Maria)
lulu-144 (Lucy)

The Swift Agency Band Profiles

Name: Taylor Alison Swift
Position: Lead Singer, Guitar, Songwriter
Aliases: Fearless One, Outspoken One, Sparkly Dressed, Blond With The Sparkly Guitar, Enchantress
Twitter: @taylorswift13
Birthday: December 13th, 1989

Name: Grant Mickelson
Position: Guitarist
Superlative: Most Organized
Twitter: @GrantMickelson
Birthday: April 30, 1984

Name: Caitlin Elizabeth Evanson
Position: Fiddle Player, Vocals
Superlative: Best On-Stage Alter Ego
Alias: Eunice
Twitter: @caitlinbird
Birthday: February 26, 1979

Name: Amos J. Heller
Position: Bass Player Extraordinaire
Superlative: Class Clown
Twitter: @amosjheller
Birthday: March 18, 1977

Name: Paul Sidoti
Position: Guitarist, Vocals
Superlative: Most Loyal
Twitter: @paulsidoti
Birthday: May 13

Name: Matt Billingslea
Position: Drummer
Twitter: @mattbillingslea

Name: Michael Meadows
Position: Banjo player
Superlative: Most sincere, most sarcastic.
Twitter: @smalltownmike
Birthday: April 1st

Name: David Cook
Position: Keyboards, Piano
Twitter: @davidcookmusic

The Dancers

Name: Tyce Diorio
Position: Choreographer for the Red Tour
Twitter: @tycediorio

Name: Clarice Ordaz
Known for: SYTYCD 8 (see here)
Twitter: @D8Clarice

Name: Mason Cutler
Known for: Touring with Demi Lovato
Twitter: @mase_cut
Youtube: mcdance1311

Name: Taeok Lee
Twitter: @Taeok_Lee

Name: Mark Villaver
Twitter: @markvillaver

Name: Scott Myrick
Known for: Touring with Katy Perry, and he was in Taylor's 2012 AMA performance!
Twitter: @Scott_Myrick

Name: Ricky Jaime
Known for: SYTYCD season 8
Fun fact: He tweeted this before being signed onto tour with Taylor!
Twitter: @D8Ricky

Name: Lockhart Brownlie
Known for: Touring with Katy Perry
Twitter: @Lockoir

Name: Christian Henderson
Twitter: @cd_henderson

Name: Caitlynn Lawson
Fun fact: She posted this on instagram right after RED came out.
Known for: SYTYCD season 8
Twitter: @D8Caitlynn

Name: Amanda Cleghorn
Known for: SYTYCD Canada season 3
Twitter: @amandacleghorn

Name: Leah Adler
Known for: Touring with Katy Perry
Twitter: @onlyLeah

Name: Mallauri Esquibel
Twitter: @Mallauri

Name: Katee Shean
Known for: SYTYCD season 4 runner-up
Fun Fact: Dating Patrick (another dancer)
Twitter: @Katee_Shean

Name: Eliana Girard
Known for: SYTYCD season 9 winner
Twitter: @Dance9Eliana

The Back-up Singers

Name: Clare Turton
Birthday: September 15, 1976
Facebook: Clare Louise Turton

Name: Melanie Nyema
Fun Fact: She auditioned for American Idol Season 7.
iMDB: Melanie Nyema
Twitter: @melanienyema

Name: Kamilah Marshall
Fun Fact: She has an album on iTunes.
Website: Kamilah Marshall
Twitter: @kamilahmarshall

Name: Eliotte Nicole
Fun Fact: She is also a dancer!
Twitter: @ElleBelle37

Former Band Members

Name: Ben Clark
Position: banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar and piano
Twitter: @banjobenclark

Name: Emily Poe
Position: fiddle

Name: Elizabeth Huett
Position: Backup Singer
Superlative: Class Butterfly
Twitter: @elizabethhuett
Birthday: May 27, 1987

Name: Claire Callaway
Superlative: Most Recognized Dancer
Twitter: @clairecallaway2

Name: Charity Lynne Baroni
Twitter: @chaelynne

Name: Al Wilson
Position: Drummer, Band Leader
Superlative: Class President
Twitter: @alsdrum

Name: Daniel Sadownick
Position: Percussion, Congas
Twitter: @DSadownick
Birthday: May 2

Name: Carly Thomas Smith
Position: Back-up singer
Fun Fact: She's also an actress.
Myspace: Carly Thomas-Smith

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