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Originally Posted by crazylittlecandygirl (View Post)
Hey all, does anybody still watch The Walking Dead? I've been watching season 9 this week, and it's terrible. Literally the only good thing about it is Norman Reedus, it's so depressing but I think that Daryl's chance of happiness died with Beth. It's so hard to watch and think of what could have been.

Anyway, a couple of fic recs from me...

The Trunkby Wallflow3r1. Daryl and Beth get naughty in the trunk of that car where they were hiding from the walkers. It's not like we all didn't think about it.

What Still Lies Ahead by DaphneDixon. This one is set after the fall of the prison, is super good and helped heal my broken Bethyl heart a little.
I'm like Heather in that I also quit watching in season 5 and from pretty much everything I've heard it seems like we got very lucky because it's been nothing but downhill from there. But there will always be that sad, wistful feeling of what could have been.

Thank you for the fic recs.

Originally Posted by crazylittlecandygirl (View Post)
It was the hand holding that made me believe that Daryl felt something more for Beth, other than casual friendship. He's not a touchy feely guy, he's had hugs with various people but usually after they've been reunited after something terrible has happened. I don't think he's held hands with anybody else either.
So true. Daryl was just plain different with Beth, more open. Plus like you guys mentioned their chemistry was insane. They were special.

And thank you for the titles. All of them are great so I don't mind which we use but I like the first or third.
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