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Originally Posted by JoJoF92 (View Post)
I'd hate to see the board go personally, I think we could still wait some more to see if we can keep conversations going and/or if the show gets revived by the new streaming site like Lindsay has said, or there can even be a Heroes for Hire show from what I've heard. I mod a board on a show that's already ended but we still have a lot to talk about there, we see what the actors are up to now, so I think it makes sense to keep it as long as people like participating. but it's totally up to you guys, if you this isn't working for you and you feel it should be closed then it's understandable as well however I do hope you decide otherwise
It's definitely not something that comes easy I know Si has some real life things keeping her away and she mods a couple boards on her own which I can only give her high praise for. That being said, I really don't have confidence in modding the board on my own and there were mod openings a few times where I think we had a lack of people applying. Either way we still have the TV and couples boards for IF
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