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The last time anyone visited Lorelai was when Babette needed some chocolate chips for her pancakes. Unfortunately, now Lorelai had none. However, she did have blueberries, so she ate her fruit. Then Rory ran to the diner for bacon to chop and cook with Luke, who was trying new recipes. He liked beer and playing Foosball with his friends. Sometimes, Taylor played his trumpet during the night. Someone stole it and finally threw it through a window. Emily called Richard from the Club. Lane and Zack enjoyed a cold drink with Brian. The next day, Luke saw Lorelai sneaking into the diner to get some coffee. He laughed and made a noise, and Lorelai jumped into the kitchen and grabbed a spatula to protect her face. A dog ran under the gazebo, followed by Kirk. Everyone saw Sookie cooking chili and rice. The other day went smoothly until Jackson threw a tomato at Davey. A different plan to eat turkey was with a spoon. Rory immediately went to Lorelai and asked if they needed some cheese for emergencies. The answer to the question was yes. Someone offered to
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