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Fan Forum's 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Credit: chaos blues

Twenty years! What an amazing milestone!

In November 1998 Fan Forum was started
to give fans from all over the world a place
to discuss the TV show Dawson's Creek.
Soon it became apparent that people wanted and needed a place
to discuss their Fandoms with others who shared their passions.
Over the next year we expanded to include boards for
general interests such as Movies, Music & Off Topic.
Before long we realized that people loved or hated
knowing in advance what might happen on their favorite show,
so a separate board was created for Spoilers.
Boards for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell were added
creating a comprehensive forum for fans.

We would like to make special mention of the Young Americans fandom.
This show aired 8 episodes in the summer of 2000,
and the board is still going strong today.

I can't believe it's been 20 years already!
When I launched Fan Forum in 1998 I had
no idea what it would turn into. I was obsessed
with Dawson's Creek at the time, so we started
with that, but it branched out from there quickly.
The growing community was completely responsible
for the direction that Fan Forum went in, and still is
to this day. Without such a great community Fan Forum
would never have made it to this point. This has been such
an amazing thing to be a part of and I am really proud
of the site and everyone involved. Thank you all for
making Fan Forum such a unique and awesome place!

~ Leif

I’m so incredibly proud and thrilled that Fan Forum has reached such a major milestone in its history as we celebrate our 20th Anniversary. From a website that started out with one forum and a couple hundred members, we’ve grown into a website with over 200,000 registered members and so many loyal Members, Moderators, Team Members and Managers who’ve helped make Fan Forum the best website of its kind on the Internet. There are so many people who’ve contributed so much to this website, from the Moderators and Moderator Managers who help make sure all the forums here run smoothly to the Graphics Team Members and Managers who contribute their considerable talent to giving each forum here its unique look, to the Communications Team Managers and Members who “get the word out there” on various Social Media Sites about our website, and to the Moderator Support Team Managers and Members who make sure that all of our forums are covered when people are away or when we add new forums. I’m very happy to have played a small part in watching this website grow and prosper during all of the changes and challenges that we’ve faced over the years, and I look forward to continuing to lead this website as we move into the future.

I’d especially like to thank the following people:
  • Goldenboy, who started this website and who continues to provide us the support to keep us here.
  • Raonaild, who does an invaluable job in keeping us up and running and managing our servers.
  • Johnnie, who manages the Requests System along with L i N d $ @ y that allows us to add new forums that you, our members, vote in.
  • Chris, who manages the Moderator Manager Team and who works tirelessly for this website.
  • NikNak and ♥ Gale's Fragile Beauty, who, along with Johnnie manage the Moderator Support Team and who appoint and remove Moderator Support Team Members on a daily basis to ensure that all of our forums here have people to look after them when the regular moderators are away or when new forums are added.
  • shinebrighterxx, spacekru, and vale decem, who manage the Graphics Team and who do so much to make this website such a beautiful place.
  • chaos blues, who manages the Avatars System that allows people to select avatars from each forum here.
  • dancing in the rain and looking at the stars, who manage the Communications Team and who’ve helped us be a part of Social Media and who make Fan Forum known to more people.

Most of all, I’d like to thank all of the Members of this website, because without you, we wouldn’t be here. There have been a lot of changes over the last 20 years, and a lot of websites have come and gone, but we’re still here because of you, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Jerry

Banner Credit: chaos blues
~ Boards organized by forum number.

Credit: banner - shinebrighterxx, images- Damocles

General & Fan Extras Categories
  1. Movies
  2. Music
  3. Spoilers
  4. Off Topic
  5. Info Center (combination of Newbies and Webmasters)
  6. Celebrities (combination of Female Celebrities & Male Celebrities)
  7. Books and Writing
  8. Soaps
  9. Television
  10. Video Games
  11. Sports
  12. Requests
  13. Fan Art
  14. Couples
  15. Disney
  16. Reality TV
  17. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  18. The 80s
  19. Everyday Life & Interests
  20. Comics & Cartoons

Credit: banner - shinebrighterxx, images- Damocles
Television Categories
  1. Dawson's Creek
  2. Buffy and Angel (combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel)
  3. Roswell
  4. Charmed
  5. The X-Files
  6. That '70s Show
  7. Friends
  8. Young Americans
  9. Gilmore Girls
  10. Smallville
  11. Queer As Folk
  12. Alias
  13. Everwood
  14. American Idol
  15. The O.C.
  16. One Tree Hill
  17. Degrassi
  18. Sex and the City
  19. Veronica Mars
  20. Bones

Female and Male Celebrity Categories
  1. Joshua Jackson
  2. Jason Behr
  3. Shiri Appleby
  4. Colin Hanks
  5. Emilie de Ravin
  6. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  7. Heath Ledger
  8. Ewan McGregor
  9. Tom Welling
  10. Lauren Graham
  11. Ian Somerhalder
  12. Mlo Ventimiglia
  13. Rachel Bilson
  14. James Lafferty
  15. Benjamin McKenzie
  16. Bethany Joy
  17. Sophia Bush
  18. Hilarie Burton
  19. Mischa Barton
  20. Matt Czuchry

  1. Kelly Clarkson
  2. Kate Voegele
  3. Avril Lavigne
  4. Taylor Swift
  5. One Direction

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Star Trek
  3. Star Wars
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Twilight Saga

Credit: chaos blues

Fan Forum is the place it is today because of our members.
For our 20th anniversary, we'd like to acknowledge our long term posters.

Long Term Top 20 Posters
~ Members since 2000 with at least 10,000 posts, and have posted this year. Post counts as of November 20th.
Thanks so much to the people who shared a memory.

  1. LilMouse ~ Joined: 08-24-2000 Posts: 279,145
    Originally Posted by LilMouse
    I started posting on Fan Forum in August 2000 because I was a fan of the show Roswell. Even after the show was canceled, Fan Forum was a place I grew attached to, so posting was something I wanted to continue. I've met lots of wonderful people because of this site, some of whom I was lucky enough to meet in real life and I continue to spend time with them in real life. I love Fan Forum because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and because of it's wide range of topics. It is a great place to go and discuss topics of interest with friends.
  2. Johnnie ~ Joined: 06-29-2000 Posts: 154,314
    Originally Posted by Johnnie
    Where has the time gone? I remember randomly typing names into the address bar and coming across Fanforum years ago. I joined mainly due to my interest at Charmed at the time. Had a nice discussion with Brendan Fehr once on his board, still waiting for some money that he offered me for something.

    My first board I looked after was Requests with Leif back in March of 2001. Had a blast campaigning for a long time for a Star Trek board until we were finally able to get it. It's been a blast working with a few different people there over the years and seeing new faces come together to get boards added.

    I used to work with with the Website Teams back when that was a thing for darkangelfan, doing quizzes for the show of different difficulties. I think this eventually led to the various crosswords I've done for boards over the years where it involves looking at things a lot closer than normal.

    This has been my home for many years, even with all the new social media over the years, it's not the same to me posting about topics on here. I still come to FanForum for that. Many people have come and gone over the years, luckily there's still a good amount of people I've met over the years on the site as well as some newer ones I've met over the years. I hope we're still around in another 20 years.
  3. Sunrise at Midnight ~ Joined: 11-01-2000 Posts: 106,993

  4. LittleMilkJug ~ Joined: 12-27-2000 Posts: 100,639

  5. MissAndieWitter ~ Joined: 09-02-2000 Posts: 99,568

  6. Hot Rod ~ Joined: 01-06-1999 Posts: 97,179

  7. BehrItAll ~ Joined: 11-21-2000 Posts: 93,912
    Originally Posted by BehrItAll
    Happy 20 years ! I first posted on on the Roswell board when it was in its first season. Through the years I have made so many great friendships through . I have even been fortunate enough to meet some friends I made through Fan Forum in real life, and even went to a Fan Forum wedding! The couple met through Fan Forum!

    Fan Forum is a great place to come together to discuss your favorite fandoms and topics. The range of boards and the community is diverse and inclusive. There were so many great memories made here and I look forward to many more decades of making new memories and new friends.

    Congratulations on 20 years
  8. sunnykerr ~ Joined: 10-28-2000 Posts: 94,643
    Originally Posted by sunnykerr

    Fanforum hasn't just seen me grow up through the years, but it has helped me grow up as well. It's been a place where I've been able to make friends, find my voice and, ultimately, become the person I want to be. You hear a lot of things these days about how judgmental social media is; how it creates a gold standard none of us can ever hope to reach. Well, Fanforum has always been and remains the complete opposite of that. It's full of wonderful and flawed people who support each other as they are. And that's pretty amazing.
  9. Jerry D ~ Joined: 01-18-1999 Posts: 93,497
    Originally Posted by Jerry D
    - It’s such a wonderful milestone and an incredible accomplishment that Fan Forum has reached it’s 20th Anniversary! I first discovered Fan Forum when someone linked to it from a long since departed Katie Holmes Website, and the person who posted the link made a disparaging comment about how they liked to talk about Dawson’s Creek in depth here instead of talking about how “hot” Katie Holmes was like they did at that website, and I thought “that sounds like the place for me” and boy, was I right! Over the years I saw Fan Forum grow from a small website with one forum and a few hundred members to the website that it is now, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have so many incredible memories tied to this place and I’ve made some amazing friendships here, and although the Internet has changed tremendously over the last 20 years and there are a lot more places for people to spend their time, Fan Forum remains the place on the Internet for me, and I love it more than words can say. My thanks to Goldenboy for starting this website and continuing to support it and my thanks to everyone who’s a part of this website, past and present. Happy 20th Anniversary everyone!
  10. tragedy ~ Joined: 11-15-1999 Posts: 90,799
    Originally Posted by tragedy
    The reason I first came to FF was because I was obsessed with a TV show and couldn't find anyone to talk about it with in real life. So I stumbled upon this place and it was so nice to find people who shared my love for this show. Being able to talk about plots or over analyze spoilers or fangirl or even rant about something was awesome! This place is like a little community and it's amazing that you can "meet" people from all around the world who share your love of a tv show, a movie, a celebrity or something else.

    ~ Trichelle
  11. Avatar ~ Joined: 05-09-2000 Posts: 46,873

  12. Mysteria ~ Joined: 11-30-2000 Posts: 46,378

  13. The Crow ~ Joined:12-27-1999 Posts: 39,395

  14. Movietime Blues ~ Joined: 05-15-2000 Posts: 23,853
    Originally Posted by Movietime Blues
    My Charmed fandom started during its first season. I believe that I started watching from the episode Feats of Clay. Before that, I was already aware of Shannen Doherty, from her work in Beverly Hills, 90210, and Alyssa Milano, from her work in Who's The Boss and Melrose Place. Shannen had developed a reputation of being difficult to work with since she left BH90210 at around its fourth season. When the show was going to be produced by Aaron Spelling, who was known for nighttime soap operas, I further hesitated to watch. I had not known about Holly Marie Combs, other than I was barely aware she worked in the CBS TV show Picket Fences.

    By that time, I was already an avid viewer of The WB. It was a network that was willing to take risks with shows that would not last long in the mainstream networks. So I eventually decided to give Charmed a chance. Immediately, I felt good watching a show that was fun and didn't take itself too seriously. The actresses did a great job showing the emotions of sisters who have to deal with a supernatural legacy. It has moments of wackiness, flightiness, off-key humor and, yes, very tender moments. Constance Burge, who helmed the series in its early years, gave the show its heart.

    So around that time I was frequenting a popular culture and message board site called Greenroom Online. Alyssa Milano was very involved in that site. There, I met a few people, one of whom was named Selkie. As I started interacting with the people there I had learned about Forum 4 Fans, which already had set up a board dedicated to Charmed. I wasn't long before I signed up. This was in the year 2000.

    In the next two years I was the person who would share (non-spoiler) news about the show, the actresses, including pictures from public events that they attended. The mods were impressed with what I was doing that I became one of their favorite posters. Also around that time there was a major change in the casting. Shannen was out and Rose McGowan was in and there was a lot of debate over whether the show could continue. Long-time posters like Rahul and stefan began souring on the show. So they left eventually.

    I held on, since the show still had elements that I found appealing (and was still hoping in the back of my mind that Shannen would return at some point). Charmed had become a habit to me that I just didn't want to let go. The Fan Forum Charmed board had become a safe spot for me to escape the daily doldrums of life. Little did I know that I would be picked to become a board moderator.

    Having the responsibility to monitor the action and keeping the discussion clean is a big challenge and when I started it was so weird having some power to help keep the flow going. Having access to the moderators board, I felt a certain privilege having a look behind the scenes of the running of this site, even when I knew I didn't have the privileges of the administrators. I was a moderator for a while when at Greenroom Online but it was just a chat board and we we're all just winging it just for fun. At Fan Forum it's a much more serious affair, even though there were fun moments like celebrations and the such.

    My first co-moderator was M & M. She eventually left because she has lost interest in the show. M & M was replaced by Lovely Lauren (Suz), who is now a Moderator Support Team member. That lasted a couple of years before she moved on. My next co-mod was Jacqueline, who goes by the name of J Erlotiel L. She's very cool and shares so much of my enthusiasm for the show. We met one last August day when she was visiting New York from Sweden. It was great for co-moderators to meet in person, so a day I'll never forget. Unfortunately, it was almost a week before Hurricane Irene made a visit. She already had returned home before the hurricane.

    During her time as co-moderator we had to work hard to get the board traffic moving. It was placed on probation a couple of times but we managed to bring it back out of them. If someone told me I would still be a moderator today I would not believe him. There was one problem member who was a big fan of Julian McMahon, who played Cole on the show. I remember her being cantankerous and headstrong, who insisted that the show needed to focus more on Julian's character. However, it didn't end there. She took it personally whenever someone disagreed with her. Soon enough, she took to harassing other Fan Forum members and she was banned. But of all the troublemakers on our board, which were thankfully very few, she's the one that stands out the most.

    Eventually, Jacqueline's life made it difficult to keep up with the board and she eventually stepped down. So now I'm with Jaje, currently going by the name of never broken.

    I have had a good time moderating the board. It's been the only board that I ever modded and it'll probably remain that way once I decide that I'm done, which who knows when that'd happen.

    Chris, I appreciate Fan Forum for asking for my input. Hopefully, my story would help inspire future moderators to keep going when things are down.


  15. MyrnaLynne ~ Joined: 12-22-1999 Posts: 20,691
    Originally Posted by MyrnaLynne
    Congratulations to Fanforum on its 20th anniversary! I think one of the earliest forums here was for Dawson's Creek, and the Roswell board came soon afterward, when I joined in 1999 to discuss the show I loved, and then moved on to the Jason Behr board, to discuss the actor I loved from that show! We traveled to California and New York and Philadelphia for fan gatherings, watched them film the show out in Covina - It was a time of great fun and excitement and creativity. Like the 'Barbie Roswell Theater' where someone photographed Roswell stories using costumed Barbies and Ken dolls. We had a lot of laughs. And it has become a 'home away from home' for many of us, who have now been long-time friends for many years. We share our joys and our struggles. Some have stayed at FF, but I am also still close friends with many people I met on FF over our fondness for Roswell and Jason Behr who have gone on to other interests and left FF. And I have met wonderful and interesting new friends in recent years, from all over the country and around the world. FF brings the world together in friendship. I remember the panic of the coming of the Year 2000, that everything computer-related might crash etc, people were gear up for the apocalypse - I was online with friends in Australia on New Year's Eve, whose New Year comes a day sooner than in the US, and was reassured that everything was fine (as I thought it would be!) and nothing dire had happened, nothing at all. I know other social media have made some fan sites lose business, but FF is a more private place to speak more freely than Facebook and as I said, it feels like home. Thanks! Happy anniversary! MyrnaLynne
  16. capesidefan ~ Joined: 10-08-1999 Total Posts:19,741

  17. ~Janice~ ~ Joined: 04-15-2000 Posts: 17,611

  18. Kimberly ~ Joined: 05-18-2000 Posts: 16,923

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  21. ColinsChica ~ Joined: 06-05-2000 Posts: 11,350

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Entry deadline is November 30th. ~~~ Winners

The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it - and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. - John F. Kennedy

There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why - I dream of things that never were and ask why not. - Robert F. Kennedy
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