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Claire, in a way I am looking forward to the smaller gathering. We usually have Thanksgiving at my house the Sunday after because not all of my kids are able to make it on Thursday so it will be nice to only have one Thanksgiving. However, I will miss having it with most of Mark's family. I'll also miss getting with them for our usual Christmas breakfast the Sunday before. I'll really miss seeing all of the great nieces and nephews as they grow up. Hate that Chase won't be able to get to see or ever know most of his cousins. He has two young cousins on my side of the family that he does see a lot. My nephew and his wife took Chase and my daughter to see Marvel Universe yesterday for his birthday.

Are you making dinner at your place or are you and your parents going someplace else?

Christine, sometimes it is nice to just spend the day quietly without all the craziness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. Enjoy it whatever way you decide to do it.
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