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Hey girls, do you wanna laugh? Actually it's not funny but I had to laugh. Well as you know I got my Keys yesterday for my new Place and when I entered the Appartement I was shocjed.. I had no wallpaper on the Walls. I called the Company and said. I'm sorry but it seems like that you forgot something to do. And they asked what? So I said. Didn't we agree that you finish all Rooms? With Wallpaper? Not only my Bathroom? And they were like oh yeah we thought you meant we should finish the bathroom only. Because we were there to make the Bathroom. And you had no one to make the Walls. You asked us if We could do the walls too. We figured you meant only the Bathroom. I was like.. Um why should I ask you to make only the walls in my Bathroom? And they said. Because were hired to make the Bathroom. To make the Floor the Toilet and the Shower. The building manager told us to make only the Bathroom.. Well then I started to laugh. I guess you you know what kind of day I had...
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