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Kathi, I hope the move goes well!

Christine, enjoy your weekend! Sometimes it's nice to just be able to get stuff done.

I need one of those weekends; last weekend I had friends staying with me so I had no time to get anything done, and this weekend is super packed. Today I spent most of the day at the zoo because I'm on their teacher advisory council and we had a meeting, then I went straight to The National's music festival (which was a lot of fun). Tomorrow I'm going to the Broadway Flea Market in the morning, ushering at a show in the afternoon, and going back to The National's music festival for night 2 in the evening. Next weekend I'm working at New York Comic Con, so that'll be another nonstop weekend. I really need to find time to do laundry and cook and clean, because none of that has happened in the past couple weeks, and I don't see any time to get any of it done in the near future!
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