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This is definitely an end of an era for me. I've been here since the board was opened and a mod here since the first permanent mods were appointed. This board has definitely been my baby so it's not easy to see it close.

I always used to think it wouldn't happen "on my watch", well I guess it did. Soon I'll be taking on a new challenge in my professional life which lead to my decision to step down as a moderator and consequently the closing of the board. But I'm proud we were here for a whole decade. We had an amazing run.

I would like to thank Jas who's been my co-mod for over 6.5 years and who really saved the board when she decided to mod it with me. Also thank you Ingrid, your constant support for the board for the last few years has been a huge factor in why we made it to a decade.

(Also the original bunch of girls with whom we had a crazy couple of years, if any of you reads this, I will always look back at that time and you with fond memories. )

I'm happy and proud that for 10 years we all sang along. Thanks for the memories.

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