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2018 Music Board Battle!

Fan Forum Music Battle
The Management Team have declared war between the music boards to find out which songs stand out the most and the Kate Voegele board is participating! For the next month you can discuss which songs you would like to submit for each of the categories.

When picking songs for the categories please keep in mind the following:
• The song you submit must be their own, and not be made famous by someone or something else. The only exceptions to this rule is the Cover Song and Song Written categories.
• All music videos must be official videos, not fan videos.
• You can enter as many of the categories as you like but it is only one song per category. A song can be entered into as many categories as you wish. Music boards for bands/groups (E.G. 1D) can submit up to three songs per category providing they are each from different members of the group (E.G. a song by 1D, a song by Harry, a song by Niall). If the band member/former band member (E.G. Camila Cabello) has their own board their solo work cannot be submitted on the band board and should only be submitted on their own board. Any duplicated submissions (E.G. two songs by Harry) will result in both being left off from the poll.

At the end of the month I will set up polls so that everyone can vote for their favourite song in each category.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask Chelle.

The Categories:
• Best Acoustic Version/Performance
• Best Break-up Song
• Best Collaboration
• Best Cover Song
• Most Empowering Song
• Best Live Performance
• Best Love Song
• Best Uptempo Song
• Songs From Stage and Screen
• Wild Card (any song you would like to submit which does not fit anywhere else but should be included)
Song Writing
• Best Chorus
• Best Line From a Song

• Best Song Written (by any member of the band, can be sung by anyone)
Music Videos
• Best Music Video
• Best Use of Black and White in a Music Video
• Best Concept Music Video

Once you have decided which song you would like to submit please provide a link to the song so that everyone can listen to it during the voting process. For song writing please include a link to the full lyrics for the Best Song Written category, and include the line or chorus in quotes for the Best Chorus and Best Line From a Song categories. I would appreciate it if you use the following format:
Category Name: [URL=LINK TO SONG/LYRICS]Song Name[/URL]
Category Name: [QUOTE]lyrics/song line[/QUOTE]

E.G. Best Debut Song: Chasing Pavements
Best Line From a Song:
Where the broken and the beautiful collide
Your Submissions:
Moderators please add in the final song choices here by August 31st.

• Best Acoustic Version/Performance: Top Of The World
• Best Break-up Song: You Can't Break A Broken Heart
• Best Collaboration: Good To You
• Best Cover Song: Hallelujah
• Most Empowering Song: Burning The Harbor
• Best Live Performance: Wish You Were
• Best Love Song: I Won't Disagree
• Best Uptempo Song: Catch Me On Fire
• Songs From Stage and Screen: No Good
• Wild Card (any song you would like to submit which does not fit anywhere else but should be included): Carousel
Song Writing
• Best Chorus
But you say we don't mess around
You've got no freedom to come down
We don't take angels from the sky
Oh no
But we don't mess around
You're meant to be among the clouds
Cause you're an angel
But that's a lie
Oh oh oh
- Angel
• Best Line From a Song
"Try your best to break me, you can't break a broken heart
No damage you can do now, I'm immune to you now, you can't break what broke apart," - You Can't Break a Broken Heart
• Best Song Written (by any member of the band, can be sung by anyone) Don't Count Me Out
Music Videos
• Best Music Video: Must Be Summertime
• Best Use of Black and White in a Music Video: Heart In Chains
• Best Concept Music Video: Only Fooling Myself

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