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Originally Posted by Crystal Clear (View Post)
I think Whitney was always happy, even during the bad times - because she had her friendships, her career, and her daughter.

I forgot it was out now! I saw so many commercials for it last month. Beautiful pic, they always looked so happy together
Well I don't think she was as happy as portrayed herself to be especially because of being abused by Bobby I mean who'd be happy like that? no one and I'm sorry, but I don't think she was ever happy with him ever and I cannot stand him it's a SICK disgusting manchild who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for what he's done to his ex wife & daughter, but that's a topic for another time & place. Yeah the movie is out and I will not be seeing it even if I wanted too. It's too disturbing to me from all I've read about it and I can't and won't want to see Whitney like that.

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