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light is easy to love, show me your darkness.
The reason that Oliver loves Felicity is because Felicity has allowed him to get in touch with pieces of his personality and his character that he thought were long gone. And, even better, new pieces that he never knew were there. So she makes him a better person- and thus, he loves her. Stephen full quote about why Oliver loves Felicity.
“At the Christmas party from hell you said you were going to propose and you didn’t because you weren’t sure our relationship could survive this kind of life. And here we are fighting. Fighting our way through the danger instead of running away from it. Isn’t that the whole point of marriage? To get through the hard times because we are together not in spite of it."
"I thought I lost you… I’m here. I’m here."
"I love you, I Love you...I love you. ILY ILY."
"It was a Holiday party."
"You're coming with me."

"She lightens him up, he got smiley and he really liked her."
Careful, careful, slow down, careful. Do you want me to be careful?.
Oh, This is more Oliver 2.0, isn't it?.
“I love you. I love you too."
What am I getting? You ready? Wow! When you said that you made some bad personal style choices you weren't kidding.
You're not that person anymore. No.
"There's always a nervous energy when you kiss somebody, and we had known each other and are such good friends before in such a platonic, non-romantic way. It instills some of the nerves that are needed, that make a good kiss."
EBR (@EmilyBett) thanked Stephen (@StephenAmell) for calling her his best onscreen kiss. "Thank you Stephen." Said it was very sweet of him.
If she had found Oliver bleeding in her car for real she would have called Fanta asking for help with the super hot bleeding guy.
"I have to pick between WWE & Felicity Smoak?, I'm gonna pick Felicity Smoak."-Stephen Amell
Felicity:How did you ditch your security detail? Oliver:I used to ditch John Diggle.
Emily and Stephen are partners in crime

"Before they were lovers, Oliver and Felicity were teammates. Partners. And it was that relationship that was on full display in “The Recruits.”
Their chemistry is electric — Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly
Sometimes you can’t really predict when fate might intervene and bring together two actors that, when together, bring the kind of chemistry and heart to two characters that Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards have done with Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity.
@StephenAmell:*No place I’d rather be for #InternationalWomensDay than a dimly lit space with @EmilyBett & our kick ass director Wendey Stanzler.
You'd let the world burn to keep him safe. No, it's more than that: You would light the match.
Cut titles from scripts.
"I'll remember this when you have kids."
A perfect kiss, the kind you wait your whole life for.
Shame on you if your heart didn't melt a little just then.
Our two loves melting into each other's arms, a series moment worth waiting for.
A seminal moment in the life of the series

These arguments between Felicity and Oliver are excellent as they combine all of the characters' messy, complicated (and sometimes romantic) history into some brilliantly acted exchanges.
'Arrow' Recap: Team Arrow Has To Fight ... Felicity?

What Felicity says in that final scene, and really what she and Oliver say to each other throughout the entirety of this episode, reminds us of how essential their relationship is to Arrow‘s DNA. As we’ve seen numerous times throughout Arrow‘s five seasons,

When she tells him that he no longer needs to carry the burden, that she can take it for him, that’s some powerful stuff. Seriously, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

“You know me too well.” - Oliver to Felicity (Flashback)
“I don’t flourish well.” - Felicity to Oliver on the salmon ladder
“It’s okay...hang on, hang on...not that tight...not that tight.” - Oliver to Felicity
“Some things are just meant to be.”-Arrow twitter(CW_Arrow)
Once again, A long awaited episode centered on Oliver and Felicity, Amell and Rickards fell right back in sync with each other. It’s . In both timelines, Amell and Rickards prove why they work so effortlessly together
“Your father inspired you to save this city. And you did. You’re not a killer. All of the people you love, their life is better - my life is better - because you decided to become the green arrow and whenever you decide to be the Green Arrow again.” - Felicity to Oliver
Maybe it's time to stop living for your father and start living for yourself." --Felicity to Oliver
At the core of their relationship is this trusting foundation that allowed them to gradually evolve from strangers to friends to partners to soulmates. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.
Fangirlish: 8 Superhero TV Couples We Love to Love

"Can't have Stephen Amell without the brains of the operation, Emily Bett Rickards." the panel moderator at SDCC did THAT
"Be with someone who is a home and an adventure all at once."
Felicity: You are looking at a three-time State Mathematic Champion.
Oliver: Only three?
Felicity: They wouldn’t let freshman apply… it was an ordeal… it still hurts
“I’m surprised you remember the access code.” —Felicity
“Yeah, it’s been like a week.” —Oliver

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards are magic.
Arrow found lightning in a bottle with Olicity
'Arrow' 6x03 Review: 'Next of Kin' | Fangirlish
“I was like your guy’s biggest shipper…”
Felicity: “I’m home now, if you want to come by for some dessert…”
"What can I say about Olicity? They're on fire this year." -David's FB Live

“Oliver! What are you doing here?”

“Um…you invited me.” ~Felicity and Oliver
“Wherever you’re going, I’m going too”..kinda like “If you’re not leaving, I’m not leaving”.
I was trying to protect you Felicity to Oliver
“He probably wanted you to speak to one of the world’s leading experts on guilt and regret.” ~Oliver to Felicity
I didn’t do it all by myself. I had you.
— Oliver Queen is the BEST
“Even if we weren’t together, you were always there for me.” ~Oliver to Felicity
“What’s happening now is not your fault”
I am incredibly proud.
— Oliver to Felicity
“Well, technically if I’m in this chair, I’m Overwatch.” ~Oliver to Felicity
Oliver and Felicity have always had the strongest, deepest, and most powerful bond on Arrow,
And hey, if that’s not true love (and great television), then I don’t know what is.
“I want you to tell me not to go.” -Oliver to Felicity
"What can I say about Olicity? They're on fire this year." -David's FB Live
“Felicity and I ate ice cream for dinner...” - Oliver gives Felicity a
You should go save her.
— William to Oliver, regarding Felicity being questioned by a reporter
Oliver: I can't let you do that.
Felicity: I can't let you not let me do it.
Do you have a million dollars laying around? Actually I do. What?. The first round of the angel investement for Curtis'' and I's start-up came through. No I can't let you do that. I can't let you not let me.
“If I was dating the Green Arrow I think I would know.''
Crossover part 1 and 2(SuperGirl & Arrow)
“Okay, this is serious, Barry and Iris just need to know if we are going to their wedding.” - Felicity to Oliver
“Barry, when you’re up there, the words will come and if they don’t the words on your face will say everything she needs to know.” - Oliver to Barry
“The words will come.” - Oliver
Barry: You love her?
Barry: Put a ring on her.
“You want to have a rehearsal dinner? What exactly would we be rehearsing?” - Felicity to Oliver
Felicity Megan Smoak, will you marry me?
— Oliver to Felicity (Crisis on Earth X)
I don’t want to get down on one knee and make it overly formal because I’m actually kind of sore from taking on those ninjas.
‘Two people who love like that’
*pans to olicity*
*pans to olicity*
'These two people deserve to be together’
*pans to olicity*
“I want to move forward. Felicity, I love you and I want to marry you.” - Oliver
“Okay.” - Oliver
“Recognize and cherish it and let it make you stronger because if you do that, you will always find your way back to each other.” - Oliver to Barry and Iris
“It’s alright. We can talk when I’m back, but right now I need to have my head in the game.” - Oliver to Felicity
Crossover Part 3 and 4 Titles(The Flash and LOT)
We are going to get back to the people we love.
— Oliver Queen
''It is the strong’s duty to protect the weak.
— Oliver to X-Felicity
“You’re safe. You’re safe. It doesn’t matter. - Oliver to Felicity
“Wait...wait...wait...if you guys don’t mind...would you marry us too?!” - Felicity to Oliver
“Will you marry me?” “Yes.”
“Are you kidding me, for the past six years, I’ve been the one trying to keep you together!” - Diggle to Oliver and Felicity
“I believe in you...and I believe that no matter what life throws at us we can conquer it. My greatest greatest fear is losing you.” - Felicity to Oliver
“We love Ivy Town, but Star City is our home.” - Oliver
“Raise a glass to true love.”
True love is so special that we all dream about and when I look at Oliver and Felicity I’m reminded about how I felt for my love from my wife on our wedding day and that is what I see when I look at Oliver and Felicity…these are two of the most genuine people in the world and they deserve all the happiness in the world.
— Rene toasting Oliver and Felicity
“Is it bad that I say this is the perfect evening...” - Felicity to Oliver
*Softly talking with each other while dancing*
Felicity: “Yeah”
Oliver: “Yeah”
To true love- Oliver and Felicity — Rene Ramire
“I was surprised when I got your text. Most couples want to be alone on their wedding night...” - Diggle to Oliver and Felicity
“I’m already spending my Honeymoon in a garbage can.”
– Felicity… Smoak-Queen?
Hi Felicity, how are you? Are you busy with anything? Can you help me with this? You look tired.— Sarcastic Wife Felicity to Grumpy Husband Oliver, Arrow 6x10
But this is what he does best. No one does it better. What your dad does is very dangerous and the Arrows don’t always make it home - I never forget that, but you know, I have loved your dad since the first time he brought me a bullet-ridden computer which means I’ve loved him for a long time - remind me to tell you about that sometime - but it means I’ve worried about him for a long time…he’s not perfect, but he makes his sacrifices so we have to make ours…we can’t take things for granted we have to live with the uncertainty, but that’s the price we pay for loving the people we love…everything he does he does for a good reason or what he thinks is a good reason so you can worry about your dad, but you have to believe he is going to be okay. Okay? Now, watch…after he takes these two down he ‘s going to spin, kick…use the arrow…oh, you probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch that, that’s parenting 101.-Felicity to William (Arrow 6x11)
I love your face, but that is just not a good face— Felicity to Oliver
You know what I’m looking forward to most after we put Cayden James away? What? Our Honeymoon.

She can always make him forget. God, he’s smitten. God, she’s smitten.
'Arrow' 6x12 Review: ‘All For Nothing’ | Fangirlish
If you only knew what your touch does to me your hands would never leave my body. ~gemma troy
"Something smells good." "That smell is Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry hard at work."
"How are you holding up?" "I've been better."
"In the meantime, if you could just stop finding ways to blame yourself that would be so great." "Is that what I’m doing?" "That’s what you’re always doing."
“No, I didn’t. I would never!” - Felicity to Quentin about kicking Oliver out
“I have to go save my husband!” - Felicity to Quentin
“Do not open that door. There are a bunch of tigger happy’s me. It’s really me. Do not go through that door. But not like this...not tonight! You go through that door, what happens to William? What happens to me? That was not me Oliver. The real me, is standing right here. I’m glue, baby. Please. Just listen...listen to my voice...I know it feels like you lost everything...listen to your heart.” - Felicity to Oliver
“Yeah, well, my man was in there.” - Felicity to Quentin about going into the precinct
Just like old times — Felicity to Oliver as they zip line out
“I need to know that I’m not going to lose you or Felicity.” - Oliver to William
“I mean I don’t know where he is...I don’t know where he is anymore...I mean, I’m dying.” - Felicity
“Because when you’re in the bunker, you feel like you can make a difference…” - Oliver
“I’m making the same promise to you, right here. Right now. Felicity, I will always come back.”
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