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One last comment than I'm leaving it alone not argumentive but again trying to explain where I was coming from just a little organizatal suggestion|tip that could help the guide on spacing

Originally Posted by sourburst (View Post)
IMO there's no point having LOTR characters under an LOTR section and Hobbit under Hobbit and Book characters under books... Because Gandalf crosses over all three and we won't have three gandalf threads. The character threads are in alphabetical order, so whether a member is coming to look for a book character or hobbit character they will find them a lot quicker than having to go through 4 separate parts of the guide.
Wasn't suggesting 3 threads but instead of all the characters grouped all together - if there are characters that were primilarly in The Hobbit than maybe a 2nd section to put them in. So that its separated a little bit - not all mushed together as you've got it - a little more spaced out plus show which characters are main to Hobbit

I understand characters cross over but maybe a little space between the film franchises
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