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Captain Canary (Sara & Leonard) #21: B/c not taking a chance with Sara is the thing that kept him up at night.

sara lance & leonard snart
appreciation thread

What the future might hold for me... and you... and me and you.”

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Because it's obviously he has a crush on her.
Because she asked him for a dance.
Because "he's focused on her for a variety of reasons."
Because she wanted to go to the bar, and of course he along with his Rogue partner helped.
Because he sure loved watching her dance.
Because his natural instinct at the bar was protective.
Because he's her moral compass.
Because he stopped her from killing Stein.
Because "assassin" and "crook" are their first nicknames to each other.
Because she had some help.
Because Caity and Wentworth add some things in there for Captain Canary.
Because they were the highlight of the Pilot.
Because he's slowly working his way into her heart.
Because for a guy who has a closed heart, it didn't take to love for him to open his heart to Sara.
Because when referring to his feelings, his question was "about you?"
Because at least if she's dying, she isn't dying alone this time.
Because they opened up about some of their past to one another.
Because like the bickering couple, he's acts annoying, she tells him to stop and he listens.
Because Leonard thought about the future for him, her and both of them together.


#01: "I think he's focused on her for a variety of reasons." ~ Wentworth Miller
#02: "You want to dance, Leonard?"
#03: "I mean, I don't like you, but at least I'm not dying alone."
#04: Because Caity and Wentworth came up with the idea to sit on the floor and play gin together (1x07).
#05: Because "#CaptainCanaryIsComing" to a tv near you
#06: Because he wished for a kiss, and she made sure he got it before his sacrifice.
#07: "I would say that absence makes the heart grow founder." ~ Sarah Nicole Jones
#08: Because there was an "definite discussion" about this duo in the LoT writers room.
#09: Because it was her "humanity [Len] that stayed" her hand from killing Stein.
#10: "I started to wonder what the future might hold for me. And you. And me and you."
#11: "Scenes with us two together. It’s fun. I love Wentworth and I love working with him." ~ CL
#12: "Literally sparks just went off when they kissed. Actual sparks." ~ SNJ
#13: "We’re always trying to fit some flirting for our characters in here and there." ~ CL
#14: "This is the very definition of a lover's quarrel." ~ SNJ
#15: "You want to steal a kiss from me, Leonard? You better be one hell of a thief."
#16: B/c with SNJ sadly out the picture, we trust in Caity & Wentworth to sneak in those little moments.
#17: B/c Sara being called bisexual by a character just in time for Leonard's return, coincidence?
#18: B/c All Hope Feels Lost but the Captain Canary Fandom Stands Strong United.
#19: B/c his Russia side mission was saving her from taking assassin-like orders from the Captain.
#20: B/c they did in 15 episodes what other pairings fail to accomplish in seasons.


"We’re always trying to fit some flirting for our characters in here and there."
"Snart and Sara is a standout moment in the first episode." ~ Marc Guggenheim
Because the media can't help but to continue asking about this duo.
Because she opened up to him about what it felt like to die.
Because in their spare time they enjoy playing card games against each other.
Because he didn't hesitate to save her life.
Because he is her moral compass.
Because he is very observant to everything Sara related.
"That's how a killer thinks. And that's not you anymore."
"I would lean on the thing and then he would lean down next to me and look at me." ~ CL
Because their relationship develop on it's own by natural actors additions + chemistry.
Because he imagined a future with her.
Because cards is their way of apologizes and bonding time.
Because Sara will always remember the day he stopped her from killing a team member.
Because she didn't even blink to his poor attempt of a threat.

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