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You have been a great mod, Alex. I have enjoyed chatting with you on the Off Topic thread. Unfortunately I can't chat too much about Liz because I haven't seen many of the shows she has been in. I will still be here if you decide to stay but I can understand why it might be a good idea to close the board.
Thanks, Julie. I have enjoyed our conversations too and I promise that we'll stay in touch on the Josh board if this one closes. Sadly, I think that many EM fans haven't seen many of the shows she's been in over the last few years. I still remember how busy our little board was during the Lost and "V" days. Even when "V" went off the rails during season 2, we were posting up a storm around here because we were INVESTED. Most of our regulars disappeared during season 1 of Revolution because they found it impossible to get into the show. Crossing Lines and Dead of Summer were such obscure projects, I doubt most Liz fans were aware of their existence.
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