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Possible Board Closure Discussion: Please Read and Respond!

After careful consideration, I think that it may be time to close this board. Our post counts have been declining over the past few months and we have very few regular posters. As you know, Fan Forum requires that we average at least 15 posts per day, with lower numbers than that leading to warnings and then possible closure of the board. I would prefer to go out under our own terms rather than be forced to close due to low post counts.

Please let me know what you think. I'd be glad to hear any suggestions or advice to renew interest here. Remember that to keep the board going, we need the commitment of a few regular, dedicated posters. As much as I love this board, please don't just post to "save" the board and then disappear again, because we'll be in the same position that we're in now if you do.

Originally, I wanted to keep this board running until we hit the 100k milestone, but after Fran stepped down as moderator and we weren't able to find a suitable replacement, I wanted to at least wait out pilot season in hopes that Liz may get cast in an exciting new show and that it would rejuvenate things around here. Sadly, pilot season came and went with nothing to show for it. Ever since Fran's departure, it's really only been me and Julie (whom I am eternally grateful for ) posting here and we have struggled to make ends meet ever since - often relying on the help of co-moderators or posting sprees at the end of the month to get over the hump - and not even the Survivors I set up were able to attract many participants. I have been with this board since the very beginning and I would hate to see it eventually get shut down because we failed to reach the necessary posting requirements. After 8 years, I think we deserve to go out on our own terms if it has to come to this.

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