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Originally Posted by Wes&FredFan (View Post)
I was actually okay that Bay didn't follow Travis to Tokyo, but will focus on her tattoo art in KC. She and Travis are still in love, together, stable, and committed to each other and they're still in a good place. Japan will be a good start for Travis's baseball career and it's not a forever thing. He could be signed to an American team in a couple years and transfer back over. He might even play for the Royals, just like John did. Since John and Travis were getting along well like a father/son or father/son-in-law vibe, I could see that as being a big reason that John called in tons of favors. He saw that Travis is the guy Bay will end up with and be married to, so he was looking out for Travis AND Bay. Bay will end up a successful artist AND a baseball wife. Perhaps Travis reminded John a little of himself, so he knew that Japan and pro baseball would be just what Travis needed.

I think Bay and Travis will have tons of little artists and baseball players .
I suppose that's not a bad future for Bay. My only concern is that Travis does not fit well with her. She is insightful and relies on her intuition. He is pedestrian and relies on his senses.

Bay is artistic. Travis is athletic. Yes, opposites attract, but I did not see much attraction between them, not even from him. Bay and Travis do not have chemistry on screen.

Bay shares a much deeper connection with Emmett and mad chemistry. I can accept Emmett being Bay's first love, and both of them moving on to new loves. But why does it have to be Bay & Travis? They don't work together. Plus, he's Emmett's pseudo-brother, and that is WEIRD.

And let's say that I accept Bay & Travis, too, because I did swallow it, in order to be able to watch the last season. But in interviews, WHY did Lizzy Weiss feel it necessary to state that Travis is not only Bay's second love, but he is her forever love. Lizzy Weiss said that Bay & Travis are long-distance runners, just like Kathryn & John, and that Bay & Travis have what it takes to last a lifetime.

And for good measure, Lizzy Weiss threw in that Emmett would always be sitting at Bay & Travis's Thanksgiving table for the rest of his life, even though it may be uncomfortable for him, because Emmett is Travis's brother.

Why does Lizzy Weiss do that to Emmett's character? It's sick.

I'd like to see Lizzy Weiss having Thanksgiving dinner with her first love and his wife, every year for the rest of HER life. Since she is doing that to Emmett, then that's the future I wish for her, too.

I don't think Lizzy Weiss understands men. She sure doesn't seem to like them. I can guarantee you that Lizzy Weiss NEVER would have said Bay will spend the rest of her life having Thanksgiving dinner with Emmett & Skye. Lizzy Weiss has done some horrible things to Bay, but she wouldn't do that to her. And yet, Lizzy Weiss thinks that is a fine future for Emmett.

The male characters on Switched at Birth (including Toby, Mingo, and even Travis) have to put up with too much nonsense from the female characters, and the female characters never get called on it. I'm tired of it.
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