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Originally Posted by Barstool Prophet (View Post)
I am sorry to see the board go, but I get it. I loved that I found this board and I wish I had of started when the show first aired. I hope to see you guys around you are a friendly bunch .
Aw, thank you for that!

I'm going to post a few more things today and this week, so I hope you'll check back.

I've loved this board, too. I'm going to miss it. I hope to see people around the forum in the future.

Originally Posted by Wes&FredFan (View Post)
I will be sorry to see the board go, but since the interest was waning in the show for a while and the show is now over, it makes sense. Given the whisper the show ended on, I can't see many people willing to do a re-watch. The first season of the show was undoubtedly the best with the strongest writing. Just seems LW lost interest in each season and just let it go with a shrug by the time the show was cancelled.
The writing for the first 23 episodes WAS so good! Best television I have ever seen. I have no idea what happened, but everything changed after episode 23 "This Is the Color of My Dreams." Ironically, that was the first episode I ever watched on live TV, and the last seven episodes of Season 1 did not live up to the first 23. Nothing was really the same after that.

Originally Posted by Wes&FredFan (View Post)
I hope to see everybody around here on in other fandoms. Best wishes to all of you.

Amy, I'm so sorry you were disappointed. You were one of the biggest believers and supporters of Bay/Emmett and I know that you were let down. I thought of you when the credits rolled. I realized that my interest had decreased in the show so much that I was watching the finale out of curiosity, and not of interest. I just wanted to see how they would end it. Less about being glad that Bay ended up with Travis at the end, but more like I was relieved that the show couldn't be messed up anymore.

Sad when you reach that point on a show, but it was done to the fandom.
Thank you, Donna! That means a lot to me.

I watched the finale more out of curiosity than I watched it out of interest, too. When we received word that the series would not be returning for more than 15 months, I remember thinking, "What if something happens and I die before then? I have to know how things turn out for Bay & Emmett. I cannot leave this earth and not know." But none of the other stories were resonating with me.

I like John & Kathryn, but I knew that they would be okay, even if they separated. I lost my connection to Toby. He needed to continue making music and not spinning the discs, for me to be interested in his story. And Regina and Daphne I began to actively dislike after Episode 23. In the beginning, they both seemed bristly to me, but I saw sincerity in their heart. I could not find that honesty in their characters after Episode 23. They became two-dimensional to me.

But I still cared about and loved Bay & Emmett, both as a couple and as individuals. I was interested in their story. I missed the days when I cared about all of the characters in that way. I wish the writers at Switched at Birth found a way to recapture that. I know that they are capable, because I cared about the characters in their special episode "Occupy Truth" this season. The writers needed to find the honesty of their core characters, in the way that they did for the guest stars in that one episode.

Season after season, the stories for Daphne, John, Kathryn, Regina, and Toby felt trite. That's sad.

Originally Posted by Ruby Rose Scarlett (View Post)
I loved the first few seasons of the show but the last one was awful, in my opinion. I won't be posting here and I think it's a good decision to close the board. I don't know why the show ended up being so hard to enjoy, did something happen (new writers brought in or something)?
IT DID! You hit the nail on the head. The story was depressing, rather than uplifting. The characters were almost impossible to like. The characters treated each other horribly. I found myself wondering if that WAS the ultimate message from the writers: "human beings are awful creatures." I suppose it's true in some ways, but what an awful message to send out into the world year after year.

Plus, people like to make connections when they watch or listen to a story, and the writers of Switched at Birth had a habit of negating every message that viewers could discern. Whenever I tried to hold onto some thread, some pearl of possible wisdom, the writers immediately yanked it out of my grasp.

It became so frustrating that I started researching if other writers do that. I came across information on Immanuel Kant. He was a German philosopher who was noted for the magnitude of "his destructive, world-crushing thoughts" and considered as a sort of philosophical "executioner." Yep, that's Switched at Birth!

The show did become hard to enjoy. I have a high threshold for pain, but Switched at Birth exceeded my limits and NOT in a cathartic way.

When I first stumbled upon the series in August of 2012, I remember binge-watching the first 22 episodes and thinking, "These writers have wisdom, knowledge, and insight about life that I desperately need. This story is such a gem." And then, week after week, year after year, it became more difficult, and finally impossible, to discern any of that. Rather than a writer dropping breadcrumbs to lead viewers to sudden epiphanies, the writers began dumping out their whole bag of tricks and saying, "See if you can find something meaningful in this mess." I kept searching until the end, but I couldn't find a worthwhile message. Then, at the very end, it felt as though the writers slapped a bumper sticker maxim on the pile of mess that they'd dumped out, and said, "There, you go!"

Switched at Birth ended up being superficial, whereas it appeared to have depth in the beginning. That makes me sad.
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