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All good things must come to an end... Goodbye Sense8 :,(

As you all know, we have been struggling with the post counts for the last few months. We know that it's been really hard to stay interested in a show that first came out almost 2 years ago and has a very long hiatus. So, it comes with great sadness that we have decided to close the board. This has been a very hard decision for Sue and I, but the board has seen less and less traffic over the past few weeks. When we put up the voluntary board closure notice, we were hoping to get some posters to voice their opinions about the subject but sadly no one even said anything.

We would like to thank all the posters who have posted over the years. We are grateful for every single one of you that contributed to the board. We will miss all the discussions, the rants, the raves, all of it.

We would like to thank Val. She was the first permanent moderator of the board. Thanks Val for all you did for the board.

I would like to thank Sue, for stepping up and taking Val's place when she stepped down. Sue was already a great poster and I'm happy that she is my co-mod till the end.

This was my very first board that I got to mod and it totally breaks my heart to let it go. But when it's time, it's time and I am very proud of how far this board has come. Thank you Sense8 for all the friends I made. You will be missed so much!

The board will close on Sunday, March 26 so we have a chance to say our goodbyes. Thank you again to each and every one of you and goodbye Sense8 board

Your mods,
Sue and Joann

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