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Took till hr 4 for us to get some deaths . Grimes death wasn't a shock , once we heard he had 50K of this gun makers money never paid it back . I was somewhat shocked with Gabriel killing himself . Yet carter was quick and observant to get the finger for the fingerprint ID to save the files . ( I never use fingerprint ID on my iPhone )

Amira going along with her brother to tie up restrain there father. It seems her brother has a strong hold on her .

Henry is the ( Logan henchmen type of the season . Huge $$$$ power but very underhanded , snake . Where is the guy CTU always used with the different chemicals injections . Oh Henry will sing very quickly. I can see him turning on the uncle in Exchange for immunity from any prosecution . Henry will have to be wired ..

Seeing the son Kalid kill his top guy , well he had to show he was not to be messed with them what he said goals . Killing his top guy, after being put down as somebody who never killed, now has control 100%.

Still not into Issiac and Nicole story , unless it connects with the main plot . Maybe issiac name comes up in Gabriels files ..
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