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Round 3

- Please vote for the scene you like the least
- After a scene gets 3 votes, or has the most votes after 3 days, it will be eliminated
Have fun!

#1 - out in round two

#2 - eliminated in round three


2x07 "I got this kick ass new flat screen..."


2x07 "I don't know what the hell's taking so long."


2x08 "So you bought a bed."


2x09 "So what are you up to today?"


2x10 "It's you in all of these."



#9 - out in round one


2x12 - eliminated in round three


2x13 "I loved her more than anything."




3x11 "Yo, I thought I was gonna see some vaginas."


3x11 "Why would anyone paint a picture of a door, over and over again?"


3x11 "Nothing's perfect."

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