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Part of my negativity was because I did not want to see Emmett take the blame for everything that went wrong in his relationship with Bay. He was to blame the first time, but they shared responsibility the second time.
You know, after all the talking we did about it during the hiatus, I'm with you on this

After reading your arguments and mulling over them, I can totally and honestly agree that Emmett is Not the only one to blame for them breaking up for the second time.
BUT; the show left me feeling like he was. And while I think most people will be able to see logic that Bay did things to contribute to their break-up, I also think most people in the fandom Do blame him.
I know I was left with that feeling. And there's a difference between the feeling and the knowing, as I'm sure you understand

So I understand your sentiment here.
After watching the first episode I was left with the feeling off: "okay, what more could the writers possibly do to completely destroy the Emmett I know and love?"
And I was/am afraid that he will take the blame. At least in his own mind. And in a way, that's "okay" that they would show that, because someone who is depressed would be very likely to blame himself and only himself for what went wrong in life (I know I did).

Not trying to make you feel down again
Just sharing some thoughts that occurred to me

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