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Originally Posted by forever frozen (View Post)
I felt so negative in the moments after the episode ended, but I am feeling really positive now.

Part of my negativity was because I did not want to see Emmett take the blame for everything that went wrong in his relationship with Bay. He was to blame the first time, but they shared responsibility the second time. After a few days, I can accept the writers' decision, though. It's a shame in one respect, because I would have liked to see Bay learn and grow, but if the writers want to give Emmett all of the opportunities for personal growth, that's okay, too.

The other part of my negativity comes from Freeform jerking around fans by not airing this show for a year and a half and not publishing pictures of the character Emmett on their social media accounts during all of that time. That was inexcusable. It's odd how their social media accounts are publishing pictures with Emmett now and mentioning both Emmett and Sean Berdy in their posts. I would rather see them not mention the character or actor at all now. It's unfair that Freeform is able to benefit from their association with him this month, when they have been abusive to him and to his fans for more than a year.

But despite my dislike of both of those situations, I do still love the story and the characters. I don't think Emmett will be in the next episode. I hope that he will, but I suspect that he will not. Even so, I am excited to get on with it. I want to quickly move past this racism conflict, so we can move on to the stories that matter to my heart.

Originally Posted by teaholic (View Post)
Can you guys believe we actually waited a whole year? I remember when I first read that the new episodes would come out in January - I thought they meant 2016, and then the shock of realizing it would be a whole year later! But we made it!
I know. I thought the same thing. It's unbelievable that Freeform would do that to their fans.

Originally Posted by girl under the floor (View Post)
Yes we did
I'm so excited!

And I will have to wait so long before I can watch
Because tomorrow morning I need to go to the dentist first and then someone is coming to visit
How did it go at the dentist?

I am already excited about this Tuesday.
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